Walking the streets of the metropol and tiger city, Oslo. Close to the artic circle is my beloved hometown and the capitol of Norway. The country of fjords and vikings, where polar bears roam the neighbourhoods at night..

Here I live together with my sweet, car crazy, all american, inked up, rockabilly man. In a small, one room loft appartment. When I say small, it's more like that little doll or tree house you used to play in as a kid, than a life size appartment for grown ups.. Which leaves me to feel a bit like Peter Pan who never grows up.

For most part it's intimate and cozy, with the ingredients love, respect and patience. At times it can be frustrating, like when I’m angry and only have one door to slam and the loo to hide in. Which we conveniently share with our neighbour.. It's a bit like a crash test corse in getting to know each other for newly weds. I never thought I would be able to live this close with someone without getting insane, but it's actually working great!

Everything strange tickles my interest, I love that we're not the same! I have a soft spot for the 50's and the pinups of the time.. I also adore everything that has a darker twist to it. Halloween is my husbands birthday and my favourite time of the year! I'm crazy for everything vintage, which you can tell if you ever visit us. As I cram as much I can of it into our little appartment.

I'm currently working on my own jewelery and fascinator/hat designs, which I'm hoping to launch online sometime in the spring 2011! I'm coming with updates on the progress and sharing my creations with you here. The dream is to open a small shop with my love someday, selling my own designs, vintage items and combine it with my man's art projects. So far it's only with the idea, but who knows further down the lane...

This is the rabbit hole to my world.. Where I share and write about my life, my jewelery and hat creations, pinup's and monsters, everything vintage or retro, finds and vintage treasures, old stars and famouse people back in the days. Music, books I pick up, movies, all forms of art that I find fascinating, but mostly with a darker twist. I write about our Halloween DIY projects, with some how too's on how they got created in our tiny monster factory.

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L<3ve & Inspiration

Click on the link and find out which 10 things I love, with my own photos and a short text that explains why:)

Part from the 10 you find on my list, there's many things in my everyday life that I draw inspiration from.. It can be the beauty of the evening sky, an old wrinkly lady passing over the street (I love old people), or in something unexpected. Underneath you find a few things that I love and find beautiful, but also inspirational!
  • Bettie Page 
  • Comics  
  • Costumes and Dressing Up  
  • Diners  
  • Everything Vintage  
  • Horror Movies 
  • Horses  
  • Jukeboxes  
  • Las Vegas  
  • Monsters  
  • My camera 
  • My Man  
  • Old School Tattoo Art
  • Pinups  
  • Rock'n'Roll 
  • Scarfs 
  • Skeletons  
  • Stilettoes  
  • Tales From The Crypt 
  • The 50's  
  • True Blood 


  1. Thanks for the lovely compliment, Renate!! It's just wonderful to hear that I can be an inspiration for someone else:)

  2. Screeeaaammmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! ^^, hey, i love this blog!! you sounds very passionate about your life and love ... lol... And i just hit this blog because i looked for a free image of bacon breakfast!! ^^, Glad to know you, hope to know you more!

    Love from Indonesia :)

  3. Hahhaha the true wonders of life and the web;D Strange how it works sometimes.. Like they say; expect the unexpected!

    Thank you so much for your kind words!! I'm happy that you found me and like what you read:)

    Much love back <3


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