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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sister's Toilet Soiré

Saturday we went to my sisters toilet soiré, to celebrate her new bathroom! Or the fact that she now has a bathroom at all!! Like us, she has been sharing it with her neighbour and friend next doors. It's one of these old wooden houses, which used to be one household in the old days, where the whole family lived all together. A "generation house" as we call it. With the grandma on the top floor and the old uncle in the appartment my sister lives in now.

When the uncle died and the grandma got to old to live alone, they decided to rent the appartments out. My sister was offered to rent one of them for a descent prize.. It's a lovely old appartment with an old cozy fireplace in the living room, old wooden floors and walls, with one of these old kitchens from before the 50's and many other lovely vintage details!

We made hot cheese sandwiches in the oven, ate Miss K's lovely cake, drank our beer and chit chatted the night away!! On the scary side, one of the guests turned into a real life cake zombie and munched down 4 slices, before anyone even noticed what was going on and managed to stop him.. It was only cream splatter and two berries left after the massacre, for the ones that hadn't even started on the cake yet.. Scary good cake in other words!!

Sunday was a superrelaxed day spent on my beloved sofa, with a pile of pillows surrounding me. Coffee, zapper, magazines, computer, chocolate, chips.. My man. Everything I needed within an arms stretch;)

Yaaaaaaaaaawn.. Those lazy Sundayzzzzz....

Ps: I know my photos are on the darker side, try turning up the brightness on your computer if you have a hard time seeing them..







My grand grandmother, the wife of the blacksmith.. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost in The Jungle

Most of last Sunday was spent joining tiny jewelery parts together into small creations. Swearing when I broke the tiniest, unwieldy parts and had to do it all over again, then cheering and clapping myself on the shoulder when it went well. Wishing I had tiny, little, chinese fingers instead of these big, norwegian sausages lol.. It's really escentual with good tools, but also a good portion of stubborness and determination! Hopefully I'll have my shop on Etsy in not too long.

I've been spending the last days searching for a nice shop design, an important step on the way. I have to find a design which look good with my crafts and also the shop name. Not the easiest in the jungle of designs, I feel a bit lost. You should think there's plenty to choose from. There is. But so far, not exactly what I've been picturing..

I'm starting to think I might have to get it custom designed, even if it means that it will cost a bit more it might be worth it in the long run.. Maybe I'm being too picky? Or maybe it's time to bring a bottle of wine over to my friend Melissa at Ideas To steal, to receive the help that I've been offered..

What would you do.. Go for the cheaper design for now, or get it right from the start?

Bringing you an other tiny peek at my creations..

Christian Dior
Christian Dior



Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Stroll in The Snow

Sunday me and my man went for a long walk in the snow covered royal park.. I was snapping photos till my nails popped and my finger allmost froze in position on the button;) But it was all worth it!! Such a beautiful landscape *sigh*, it's truely magical out there...

Ps: if the images is too dark to view, try turning up the brightness on your computer..;)








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