Monday, March 8, 2010

High Voltage Tattoo

Waiting in anticipation to get the books I ordered online yesterday..:) Kat von D's book of tattoos, "High Voltage Tattoo". A book with her work, the stories behind the tattoos, her life and pictures to drool over.. I also ordered the book "1000 Tattoos" by Henk Schiffmacher, it has lots of old scool tattoos and old black and white photos of people with tatts from around the world. I really love the old style tattoo work! Also I find the photos of the people that got tattoos back in the old days really interesting. Rugged sailors, circus artists, free women, you name it!

I'm a total virgin when it comes to tattoos myself, nothing but pure, white virgin skin on my body! haha But I totally admire and love the art! Why I don't want any myself? Well, that's my statement of being different. Though I can't deny, I have been playing with the thought of getting under the needle.. My love has been a tattooist for years and is more or less covered in tattoos and still planning new ones. I simply love his tatts and find them very sexy;) We have a dream of opening our own shop here in Oslo, I think it would suit us perfect. I could do my things, he can do his tattooing. We'll see what happends, it's a big step to take and we have a few things that needs to be in place first.. In the mean while, I'll study the art;)

Doc Forbes

Simply love this photo..

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