Friday, June 24, 2011

Midsummers Eve

The night is nothing more than a two hours dawn here at the moment. It never gets really dark these days.. The sky has a beautiful dusk blue color with brighter, bluish grey, cotton looking clouds gliding over it.

The 21.June was the lightest day of the year for us living in the nothern hemisphere. Today, 23. June we are celebrating Midsummers Eve, or Sankthans as we call it in Norway. It is an old tradition and celebration, that dates back to the viking times with offerings. In later times the church changed it into a Christian celebration, celebrating St John the Baptist.

In Norway we celebrate Midsummers eve with small and big bonfires, music, food and partying that lasts all through the night. That's if we get the next day off.. We're not as lucky as the swedish, where the day is a national holiday. Some places in Norway they even throw paper withces on the fire. In old days, they thought it would keep the withces and bad spirits away!

This year me and my love will be heading out to visit Miss Lindy Lee and her man. They're having a moving in party, as well as a Midummers Eve party. Crossing fingers for nice weather and no rain, so we can dance naked around the swedish Midsummer Pole and wear flowers in our hair;) All according to swedish traditions.. *Cough* ya, maybe not the naked part. Skip the naked thing, but we'll have flowers!

Midsummers Eve 2010 in Oslo

Midsummers Eve bonfire

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summers of The Past

A poem for the summers of the past, this summer and all the summers to come.. One day we might look back at them with longing and remember the people, the smells and the sweet moments that fills our memories..

Like the author of this poem, I look back at those uncomplicated years of my childhood, where everything was new and exciting and was just waiting to get discovered.. Where I lived every day in the moment and day dreamed of the adventures to come. I think one of the hardest things in life is to hold on to this feeling of uncomplicated joy as years and the sometimes harsh reality of life passes by.. But you know what, I refuse to let go.

What is your childhood summer memories?

Smile by Raceytay

Summer 1969

Sometimes when evening falls too soon
And years slip by too fast,
I shake the autumn from my hair
And dream of summers past.

How I miss the warming breeze
Which lingered dusk to dawn
And carried with it sweet perfume
From someone's new-mowed lawn.

When Olli olli oxen free!
Rang out from vacant schools,
And Marco Polo! ruled the night
From depths of heated pools.

The fireflies wove careless paths
Among the wishing stars,
And magic sparkled within reach
To keep in jelly jars.

With worn transistor radios,
Through darkened streets we'd stroll
And seek out footprints on the moon
While humming Rock n' Roll.

Oh! how I wish I could return
To wish upon a star,
Or catch one fleeting summer night
And keep it in a jar.

~ by Kendra Allen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you Know..?

46 things you might, or might not know about Marilyn Monroe.. I found this video on Youtube some time ago and wanted to share it with you good peep! I'm not sure how true all of it is, but it's some fun and interesting "facts" from her life;) Enjoy!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Have a Winner..

Ladys and gents, we have a winner of the giveaway!! Drrrum rrrrrrrrolls, please.. The lucky winner of a sweet Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinator is RAKEL, with the lovely blog Akiras Gudinneblogg. Congrats to you!! I'll be packing and sending off the birdie for you this week <3

(I used a random number generator to pick the winner. I gave extra points to those of you who are following me both here and on Facebook, and also additional points to those who blogged or shared the link to the giveaway on Facebook).

You who didn't win this time around, I wish I had one for everyone.. But there might be a new chance, in the near future, be sure not to miss out;)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Day for The GIVEAWAY!!

If you want a shot in winning my first giveaway and you haven't already entered, you better hurry!!! Today is the last day before I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow. I'm giving away one of my lovely, lil' Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinators. Coming with an attachable cream chenille dotted hat veiling, for that lovely vintage style;)

Get your cute butt over here, to see how you can enter!!


Raining again..

The rain has been poring down from the sky, ever since we came back from our holiday.. And even before we left.. Will it ever stop? Some surfing on Youtube today, lead me to this song. My man tells me it's a Christian band from the US, I'm not religous so I guess that's why I haven't heard it before. But that's no reason not to listen to it, I think it got a nice sound to it and it fits quite perfect on a day like this! What do you think?

Hope everythings good on your side and that you're having a swell Sunday;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Reality..

Oooops there goes gravity!! Hope you all are well:) We're back from two wonderful weeks of sun and fun on the beautiful island of Crete! Still in a haze after coming home early this morning and sleeping in all weird and uncomfortable positions on the airplane. Also our flight were one hour delayed, in a very tiny airport full of unpatient tourists.

We had an amazing time, met lots of lovely people, made new friends and saw some old, enjoyed the sea and sun, travelled and discovered. But honestly it feels ok to be home again. I'm not sure if I'd survive an other week of partying, heavy greek restaurant food, raki greek moonshine, made of the vaste from the wine making that they serve at the end of every meal lol.

Like they say; The best part about traveling is coming home. It just feels so true right now.. Though I'm sure I'll miss it all in a couple of days;)

I'll be posting some photos from our trip, as soon as I've got them sorted! How's your summer so far?

Ps: Shocker; I even got a bit tanned in the end..

Rocking on Rock House in Platanias

One of the gorgeous flowers from the botanical garden on Crete

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Devious Darlins' - GIVEAWAY

Up for grabs is a lovely Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinator, from my brand Devious Darlins'!! Made of small, handmade, Japanese, vintage roses and red vintage cherries. With a cute, lil', white birdie peeking out from the branches. The fascinator comes with an attachable cream chenille dotted hat veiling, for that classy vintage look! The perfect summer hair accessory for every gal;)

After a bit forth and back, I've decided to have my giveaway before I go on holiday. I'm still not sure if I should be waiting for a couple of weeks till we're back, but I've been promising you one and don't want to drag it out too long. This means that the last day for the Giveaway will be Sunday, 19. June.

The winner will be picked with a random number generator on Monday 20. June and informed, either on their blog or with a message on Facebook:)

The rules is simple and as following:
  • You have to be a member/"Like" Devious Darlins' Facebook page or follow this blog, Scary Mary's.
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  • Leave a comment on this post and let me know where you follow me and if you have shared the giveaway, don't forget to add the link.
Good luck!!;)

Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinator, shown without the hat veiling..

Happy Birthday to You, Marilyn;)

Born 1. June 1926, our wonderful Marilyn would have been 85 years today, if she was still alive.. Well worth celebrating you ask me, a champagne toast for the lovliest gal!!

The Andrew Weiss gallery has put up an exhibit for the occasion, with the name "Happy Birthday Marilyn". It will be running from 1. June, till 13. August. Go to the Marilyn Monroe Collection Blog, to read more about it;)