Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Today it's off to Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. To celebrate our two years of marriage on Monday! We're doing a Kate and Leo, hopefully without the shipwreck.. We're taking the boat over and staying a day, before we're heading home again. I have booked table at a cozy, old style lunch restaurant, by the canal. We're aiming for the danish Smørrebrød and their fantastic beer!

It's the first time for my love on a boat this size and also in Copenhagen. As most norwegians, I've been there a few times and also taken the boat plenty of times. We're both excited to get away for a few days, see something new and get some new impressions;)

Ship o'hoi & hurray for love!! <3



From our wedding day

Saturday, February 26, 2011

World Ski Championship Mania..

A few photos from the snow/ice sculptures they made, for the Nordic World Ski Championship that's in town:) All inspirered  from the paintings of our famous painter, Edward Munch..












Friday, February 25, 2011

Get Rythm with Johnny

Scary Mary bringing all you good working peep some familiar rythms this evening.. So kick off your shoes and put your feet high, as the sun sets into evening and evening becomes weekend... Feel the rythm with good ol' Johnny Cash;)

Sweet Friday Finds

An other friday, an other week of finds! I bring you some more lovely vintage finds, from my favourites on Etsy.. Maybe you'll discover something you didn't know you needed, I do all the time;)

I love'em all, but I especially love the stool and the juice machine! But how the h*** to get them shipped to Norway? It would probably cost more than it taste.. *Argh* I hate to say it, but I know my bank account would most definitely be better off with that cute, little apron... Which one is your favourite?

Happy Jolly Friday everyone!!;)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Winter is soon over, but after searching all winter I finally found the perfect winter coat! There it was, on Etsy of course. I love the full skirt, the vintage look and the cute bowtie detail in front.. *Sigh* Must have! It's a bit on the expensive side, but I think it's all worth it as it's tailored and seems to be good quality, which will last for many winters more.

The designer offers some slight changes on the coat, if desired. Like a different color on the lining of the coat, with a hood, without the bowtie, or a single row of buttons instead of double buttoned etc.. I love it the way it is, though I'm thinking a hood might be nice for those cold winter days.

The designer behind this wonderful coat is Tatyana Merenyuk, a talented designer originally from Kiev in Ukraine, now living in New York.. It seems that a lot of her inspiration comes from her childhood in Ukraine.. "From an early age she had a taste for dress up and fairytales that gave her quite the imagination", "Her mother would always dress her up in dresses that she made and pass them down from her sister, but no matter what she was wearing she always looked like a little doll".. Which you can tell on her designs today. She has some amazing fairytale like dresses, that I can only dream about wearing one day...



Monday, February 21, 2011

Bonanza Friday

Weekend passed by quietly without any big things going on.. We were supposed to go to a house warming party on Saturday, but was absolutely too lazy to go anywhere! Since we were reduced to a couple of drooling sofa zombies, it felt like an easy choice to pull the blanket tight, put on some movies and stay home..

With that said, it might have been the amounts of beer on Friday that set the mood.. After some thrift shopping, we ended up on Bonanza with Miss S after work. A small, cozy, western bar in the old bazaar area down town. Full of big and small cowboy and western details, even in the toilet! I love the western style, and what a treat it was to sink down amoung western heroes, country artists on the walls and cowboy decor with a beer..

It was our first time there, can't believe we've missed out on this place! But I'm happy to say and even a bit surprised when it happends. Even if Oslo is a fairly small capitol, compared to the big capitols in the world and it's "my" town. There is still new places, small undiscovered gems among the familiar ones, that's just waiting to be discovered...

For those who might not know and is querios; Bonanza is a NBC produced TV-serie, that was aired for the first time in 1959. The serie is about the Cartwright family and their life on the ranch Panderosa, in the Lake Taho area:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


A wonderful, little, animated short film! A small girl gets drawn to a spooky looking doll store, that she skips by in the snow.. I love how the whole fasade of the store looks like the face of a monster. Watch to see what happends;)

The movie is written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas. Produced by Cecilie Hokes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Things I love - Sweet Friends Award

I received the Sweet Friends award from sweet Miss Margarita back in December! Thanks sweetie, it really made my day:) I realize I should have passed it on some time ago, but as other posts developed I simply forgot.

Miss Margarita modified the rules a bit, from passing it on to 10, to only 5. I think I'll stick with her version. Actually I took the liberty to rewrite the rules, naughty me. The Gods of Blog Awards will pobably come down on me with vengeance, but so be. I'm also very tempted to change the tumb nail of the award, but realize that's to go a bit far *sigh*..

Award rules: 
  • Post who gave you this award. 
  • State ten things you love.
  • Give this award to 6 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

 10 Things I love:

1. The sea

I've had a lifelong fascination and love for the sea.. Nothing makes me calmer and in one with myself, than the moments I sit by the big blue, listening to the calm sound of the waves rolling in. The splishing and splashing against obstacles in it's way, like the shore or a boat swaying from side to side with the movements of the waves..


2. Vintage

An obsession with everything vintage, has brought me many treasures big and small. I'll probably never stop searching for the finds that make my heart skip a beat, kiss my lucky star and that melts perfectly in with my other treasures!


3. My family & friends

Life would be meaningless without them! It's nothing I wouldn't do for the people I love, I'd walk through fire and hell for their sake...


4. Our summer place in South of Norway

The most peaceful place on earth... Where I retreat every summer, to just be. To find strength from the simple life and the nature around me. There's also many wonderful memories attached to this place, as I've spent a few weeks of my summers here, from my first years till now. No summer feels complete without a visit here.


5. My camera

I love capturing moments with my camera, the beauty of life and everything surrounding us.. A documentation and archive of memories, that comes to life everytime I'm looking through them.

Light The Way

6. Pinups

As mentioned before, I have a big soft spots for vintage pinups.. Pretty gals, gotta love'em;) I love their curves, inocent poses, sweet faces, style and most everything about them! I especially love Olivia's sexy paintings of Bettie Page and Gil Elvgrens's more inocent gals..


7. Halloween

All since my first Halloween, back in Canada when living there with my family as a kid. It has been one of my big passions here in life! It combines two of my favourite things; Horror and dressing out:) I don't think I'll ever get to old for it and I'll always stribe to make the most out of the spookiest night of the year!


8. Traveling

Nothing is like traveling and discovering new places and cultures. How much we have in common, though you might not see it at first glance. I think that the more you learn about people around the world, the more you discover within yourself..

Standing Tall

9. Crete

A beautiful greek island, in the Mediterranean sea.. Where I worked and lived for 5 years. It totally changed my life at the time and it would probably not have looked the same today if I never moved there. I learned a lot about life and people, it's all experiences that I wouldn't be without.


10. Las Vegas

Many things can be said about the city of sin.. But Las Vegas will always have a special place in my heart.. This is where I went on holiday with my love, when we first met and also where we got married a year later! I think I'll always have that inner longing for this city and the US, because of what it represents to me. To be able to relive those treasured moments and also to make some new ones..


I pass the award to:
  • Miss Lindy Lee -  Lovely Swedish gal, that sews her own dresses and with a passion for the 50's.
  • Ghoul Friday - Halloween lover and a great artist!
  • Torie Jayne - A beautiful interior blog, also she makes the sweetest cupcakes and cakes ever seen!
  • Little Rascal - Creative doll, loving the 50's and vintage finds from the time.
  • Dial V For Vintage - A world of wonderful vintage finds and tips.. If it doesn't fit, she'll make it fit:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get That Vavavoom Waist!

How to get that hourglass shaped waist, that you see on the photos of the glam kittens back in the days? A girl might need some help sometimes.. Just like they needed back then. Especially under those sexy, but tight wiggle dresses and playsuits! Why not complete the pinup look with some gorgeous waist cinchers, which also keeps the tummy flat all evening. If you're like me, you don't like to skip a meal, just to make sure that the tummy won't poof!

Check out these lovely waist cinchers from BabygirlBoutique.. They'll make sure that the waist is cinched and the tummy is tucked all eve. Not to mention, no annoying line from your panties around the waist under that hot dress;)







Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Fountain

Valentines at the office was nice, but twice as nice when we got home and could cuddle up with a movie. Being the day of love and all, we wanted something romantic to watch.. That's when we accidentially stumbled over this amazing movie!

My husbands reaction, when I said I was going to do a post about it was; How, it's like trying to describe someones acid trip! And I have to agree, it's big questions and hard to grasp around. It moves around in time and space, and has plenty of metaphors. But in a good way, I would say. It raises some important questions about life. I say the movie is well worth the watch, just be ready for a spaced out wonderland!


As we watched, a beautiful, surreal, sad story about spirituality, love, life and death unwrapped.. We see one mans struggle, Tommy (Hugh Jackman) to save his wife Izzi (Rachel Weisz) from dying of cancer. Being blinded by love and sorrow, drivven allmost to madness, trying to find a cure from a tree sample from the South American jungle. In the jungle we follow a young conquistador, Tomas's search for the tree of life, the first tree from the garden of Eve. Risking everything in the search for it, to save Spain and the queen. To become the new Adam and Eve, and to live forever. Also we are taken into space, where we see the space traveller Tom. Inside a big bubble, with a dying tree that is human. The tree is his love. We see how he's taking samples of the tree and trying to keep her alive, to find a cure..

She on the other hand is trying to let him know, it's ok to let go. She's in peace with the thought of dying. She tries to tell her husband that mortality is a natural part of life, that shouldn't be taken away. Instead of our constant search for imortality and living forever through modern medicine and sience. How we in a way do live forever, in everything around us. And how she can still be with him, if he only believes it too.

After all, the possibility of dying. That every day and moment could be your last one, gives life that extra spark! What would life be without death? Not that I wish to die, but I think it would be quite boring and overpopulated.. What do you think? What would happend if we were made imortal??








Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines at The Crossroads

Voodoo John is back, with some sweet between the sheets Valentine music, for all you love sick puppies out there... Have a good one;)

A Thousand Kisses Deep..

The most beautiful and touching love poem by Leonard Cohen...

Wishing You a Lovely Valentines

Either you're spending it with your loved one, good friends or family!! Quite bummed and Sorry to say that mine will be spent at work, as I couldn't get the night off. I sometimes have late hours as a hostess and of course I had to get it on exactly this night out of all, with no one to replace me! I tried... But we found a way. My sweet love will come and spend the eve with me here at work, so we can celebrate Valentines together:) It will be really nice and cozy, though I'm not sure how romantic spending the eve at the office can get.. But I guess it's like everything else in life; it is what you make it!

What is your plans for the evening? Do you have an exciting date, or maybe you prefer spending it alone, or stuck at work like me??;)