Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Wish you all the best for the holidays and the New Year!! Hope you all are having a wonderful time with friends and family! We're on the third day of Christmas and closing in to the big night, New Years Eve. I'm lucky enough to have some days off from work. Some time for myself and my projects, fixing photos and finishing up an order on a fascinator. And last but not least; cleaning up the house, which looks like a small pig stie, after neglecting the growing piles of dishes and laundry for several days now.. I should be able to get it nice and shiny again, just in time for our New Years party!

We're having lovely Miss Lindy Lee and her man over, for New Years eve. Hopefully Miss E and her man, Kim will be joining us too! And maybe my sister. Not the biggest New Years party, but sometimes the smallest parties can also be the nicest and most memorable ones. The most important is the people that you are with I think, being with good friends is what counts on a night like this;)

What is your plans?

Our first Christmas tree (!!) and a peek at the Christmas decoration around my work space;)






Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magical Scenery

I was laying at the sofa with long limbs stretched out and my feet up high, after an other miles long day at work. Zapping between channels, but only boring reality shows and sports to watch. I have to admit I don't watch sports much, I just find it really boring and I'm picky. It has to be the right kinda sports. Reality can be fun, but not all reality and certainly not too much of it..

In my boredom I gazed out of the window and discovered this beautiful view. An almost full moon traveling over a night blue sky. A few clouds and some twisted branches, set the perfect back drop to a goulish and magical scenery.. Can not help but to LOVE our new livingroom view:)

Isn't it beautiful?


Saturday, November 5, 2011


Outside the fog is hanging thick in the air. Covering the world in a misty, woolen blanket.. Hiding it in a veil of tiny water drops. An other sip of my coffee.. Crackles from the fire place as a log falls over. It's quiet now. I could be alone in the world, in the whole universe for that matter.. Wonder how it would feel like. Floating in a bubble of time and space, in a raven black sky, all alone. Like a baby in the womb, with no escape plan. A space traveler, caught up in my own self. No plan, or mission.. Just to be.

Footsteps next doors throws me out of my spiral of thoughts. I'm not alone.. A feeling of relief washes over me.

One Step Closer


Sherdley Park, St Helens, England




All the photos is found on Google from various artists, under the search words: alone fog nature forest.

Me Time

Relaxing Saturday in the nest.. Morning coffee and surfing the web. My love is still sleeping after a late movie night here yesterday. I usually like to get up a little earlier, to get the most out of my free day. Even if it's just goofing around online. It's something so soothing about Saturday mornings, spent solo, just me an my coffee. While the my love and the rest of the world is sleeping. At least it felt like that, till our little neighbour got up.. lol

What about you guys.. Do you get up Saturday morning, or do you usually sleep in?

In the lack of anything better. A few cute kitties to make you smile, and feel warm and fuzzy inside;)




(Photos found on Google search)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Looong Week = Red Red Wine

After what's becoming a very long zzzzweek, with many late nights at work, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend with my love.. Yes, we're skipping the whole Jamboree thing! Just too much work on both of us here lately.. Hmmmm O mighty Godzilla, is it the first sign of getting old?

Instead we will be gathering some friends for some wine and Halloween/birthday celebration in our new nest. The plan is no plan, just hang out and relax. Sounds just swell to me, just what I need if you ask me! Weekend, oh dearest weekend.. You can't get here fast enough!! *Sigh*

Me trying to escape more overtime

Halloween is Closing in..

I Can Feel It in my bones and hear it in the wind...

Even if we're not going to decorate much this year, I've decided that the minimum would, at least have to be a Jack'o lantern on our steps! I'll head up to the flower market tomorrow and see what I can find..

Mmmmm and where did last years monsters end up? I think I'll have to tip toe down in the castle dungeons, tap their slimy tentacles and spiky heads, while I whisper "it's time to wakie my sweet ones, once again"...

Photo by Brian LaFrance

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bunker Hill - Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

I have a brutally sweet tune from Bunker Hill, for you guys this Saturday!! I'm gonna walk the hoover and do some cleaning, but I need some inspiration.. What's not better than having some music to the work?

We're also closing in on Halloween, time to warm up with Red Riding Hood and The Wolf! One of my favourite fairytales..;) Do you have a favourite?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Late Shift and Photo Fixing

Late night working again! At least I get to go through my photos for the winter jewelry collection and prepare the products for the shop. Can't complain;)

A tiny taste of how it will look like!!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Halloween

*Sigh* heartbreak and some more heartbreak.. I've pushed everything about Halloween as far back in my head as I can, over the last few weeks.. Boxed it up in a hidden place inside my brain. Also the reason why I haven't been writing about it. But what to do, it still comes popping up, like a clown in a box. Especially now we're getting closer and all I see around me is Halloween. The smell in the air and the leaves turning yellow, everything reminds me of my favourite holiday.

The reason to my heartbreak is that we decided not to have any Halloween party this year, due to all the work around the moving. And not to mention the money that's been flying out.. We will still celebrate, but maybe do something different.. Different can be good, but not sure how happy I'm about it right now. It feels a bit like we canceled Halloween. We should be busy building monsters right now!! No wonder I feel outta place.. Mmmm grrrr!

In the meanwhile we are rolling thumbs and contemplating going to Oslo Rock City Jamboree. A rock festival in down town Oslo with burlesque, concerts, shows, tattooing and other goodies going on! They also throw a halloween party!! Sounds like a bunch of fun and it might be a good idea. Our second option is to have a small party at home, reusing some old props and not going too crazy on the decor. But that's no fun. That's why we decided to drop it all together in the first place... *Rolling thumbs* Hopefully we'll decide before the big night!

What is your plans?:)

halloween foreclosed0011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Tune - Don´t Wanna Leave The Congo

Lets kick off the weekend with this fab tune from the The Valiants, with Don´t Wanna Leave The Congo!! Don't you just love the jungle rythms, mixed with a good dash of ol' rock'n'roll?

Turn up the sound and let the music fill the room.. Kick off your shoes, lean back, relax and let it sink in; yes, it is weekend! Finally, at last!!

Wish you all a lovely one;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kitchen Gems

Look what arrived with snail mail yesterday!! I found this awsome wall clock late this summer, but had almost given up by now. Thought it was long lost, gone in the international mail system somewhere. Gone forever, never to be rediscovered. Sent to Himalaya, or some other deserted place on our planet.. But then, suddenly, there it was!

It is still intact and in one piece after it's long journey over the seas. Shining jade green and lovely in it's box. Almost smiling to me. Or maybe it was the reflection of my big happy grin, in the shiny surface that reflected back at me. My new jade green kitchen gem!! My beautiful vintage wall clock, from Ingraham Canadian Clock Company <3

And it looks really swell next to our vintage diner napkin dispenser:)
Both found on Etsy!!





Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Radio Cabinet LOVE

The new pride and joy of our livingroom, an old radio cabinet with a record player in it!! It's been my dream for so many years now. Due to our extremely small space in the old apartment, it was just impossible to have one.

But those who wait and so on, yup, finally my dream came true! Best of all, we found it to an affordable price out on the country side, outside Oslo. It's in good shape and working:) Yippiyay!! That's part from the speakers, that needs a bit of TLC. And we will also have to get a new needle for the good ol' record player.. But all in all, it's a beautiful pre-loved peice of furniture!! Me love love love loooove it <3

It's made by Radionette, a norwegian radio company from back in the days. I'm not sure exactly what year it's from, but asking mom, she thought it was from the 60's. I agree, it has some Mad Men over it. Maybe you know?

Ps: I got some new, lovely lamp shades, for my three armed lamp, at the same place as the radio! Kiss my lucky star, they are so hard to find!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Blues - Lavern Baker and Voodoo Voodoo

An other late shift at work, looking like the whole week will be the same.. Blah! Talk about Monday blues!! Brought my jewelry parts, the thought was that I could get artsy and crafty, while waiting to go home. But so far, I spent most of the evening surfing around on the big web.. Usually how it goes, I loose focus in this dry office air. Yes, blame it on the air.. And everything else in here.

It's so boring to sit here. Want to go home. Home to my sick husband. Make him tea and kiss him well! Make the cold go away.. Soon, be patient. I'll be home soon.

Gotta get those jewelry parts out and pass time, it will go quicker. Just a quick look on facebook first, and lets see what's going on on Etsy, for the #"¤% time today... Home, sweet home!!

Some good ol' roc'n'roll with LaVern Baker, to pep up this Monday blues!

-Hey, I think it helped;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock On

A darker, more devious winter collection is on it's way from my brand, Devious Darlins'!! I've wanted to add some Scary Mary darkness to my items for a while now, without going totally queen of darkness. I love blending styles and making something that gives the little extra to an outfit.

The new collection has a dash of glam and roughness, blended in with nature and rock'n'roll. But still romantic and with a bit of Devious Darlin' cuteness to it! It shows my love for the darker influences and rock'n'roll style. It's for the rocker chic, either you're living the life or rockin' it at the office.

Scroll down for a sneak peak, maybe you'll find a favourite among these first goodies;) And don't be shy, I'd love to hear what you think!!


My tray of goodies

Wish you all a Rock'n'roll Christmas!! Beautiful pinecones, made of pure copper! Hanging from jet black swarovski crystals and small copper bow ties..

Arm yourself with these rather big copper guns, amazing details! Decorated with a cute copper bow ties and a lovely, real vintage jewelry stone!!

Bring out the animal;) Big, stunning, real coyote toothies!! Hanging from jet black swarovski crystals, tied together with a cute brass bow tie! (Notice: The animals has not been hunted for their teeth. They are collected from road kills and animals that died a natural death).

Skulls and roses! Big, gorgeous brass skulls.. With a brass bow ties, accompanied by jet black roses and swarovski crystals! Almost a bit Mexican day of the dead over them.

Rock'n'roll!! Ever wanted to wear the lovely little pepples you find on the beach? Perfected by the ocean and the sand for thousands and thousands of years.. All natural earwear! Small stones, collected from the cradle of sivilisation. From a beautiful warm beach on Crete, in Greece.. Made into lovely earrings for you and me;) Studs is made of pure brass!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Tune - Crossroad

I'm back with the Friday Tunes and what is not better, than to start it off with some good ol' southern blues for you folks!! This time with the awsome Robert Johnson! Blues wouldn't be the same without him.

People say he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroad, and it sure sounds that way to me! The sound of his music sends shivers down my spine and transports me to Johnson land. I could listen to his music all night while dreaming of warm southern nights, in beautiful Mississippi.. I'll sure be sipping wine to this tonight, wanna join? Have a wonderful Friday ya'll;)

What's your plans for tonight?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Chaos..

If you're thinking about moving; look away. These photos might stop you half through that thought!! A few photos I've been taking from day one in our moving prosess. Sadly no painting-getting-dirty photos, but I was far too busy with that paint brush, to even think about, or wanting to pick up that camera!

Thank Godzilla it doesn't look this chaotic anymore. I'll be adding more lovely photos of the moving prosess over the next weeks, from chaos to control;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Echooo - Anyone out there?

Hello old friends, long time no see:) I hope everyone is doing well! Summer came and summer went, my plans was to get back to the blog by the end of July at least.. But we can safely say that it didn't go as I planned, I just couldn't find the energy or peace of mind to sit down and write anything. My company was one thing, that really keeps me busy all the time, the second that we were about to move from our wee nest!! It felt veird, but so exciting at the same time! It had been my home for 8-9 years, which 2,5 of them was with my love. Of course it was going to feel strange. But wonderful at the same time. Wonderful to move on from the place and take the next step. A new chapter in my life, in our life!

When I'm writing today, I'm sitting in our new living room which is double the size of our old appartment, imagine. I know, I still have to pinch my arm to believe it;) It feels wonderful and we have been so lucky to find this lovely appartment, to an affordable price! It feels perfect for us right now and things couldn't be better!! Being a interior nut and an esthetician, I've kept myself busy thinking out what and how to arrange and furnish our new nest. We still have some work ahead of us, but it's getting there!

A bit of our living room (we have a living room!! Pinch!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To the Islands

Last week we went on a small trip with Miss E, Kim and my sis, out to one of the islands, in the Oslo fjord. It's just a 10 minutes out with the boat, but it feels like being on the country side. So beautiful and peaceful, quite a contrast to the city! It was wonderful to escape the busy city life for a few hours:)

Same morning we also decided to take some photos for Devious Darlins', while out there. Seemed like a good idea, the perfect beautiful back drop for some photos of the Darlins'. Both Miss E and my sister are photographers, and good ones too. Miss E took most of the photos, while sis jumped in at the end;) Guess who got to model lol? We had lots of fun shooting them around the different type of nature we found on the island! Can't wait to see them!! Will share as soon as Miss E get them ready.

A few photos from the trip:)








Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love Discount at Devious Darlins'

Don't miss out on my sale:) This week throughout Sunday 10th of July, you can get 30% off any item if you <3 (favourite) my shop on Etsy.com or Epla.no!!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Midsummers Eve

The night is nothing more than a two hours dawn here at the moment. It never gets really dark these days.. The sky has a beautiful dusk blue color with brighter, bluish grey, cotton looking clouds gliding over it.

The 21.June was the lightest day of the year for us living in the nothern hemisphere. Today, 23. June we are celebrating Midsummers Eve, or Sankthans as we call it in Norway. It is an old tradition and celebration, that dates back to the viking times with offerings. In later times the church changed it into a Christian celebration, celebrating St John the Baptist.

In Norway we celebrate Midsummers eve with small and big bonfires, music, food and partying that lasts all through the night. That's if we get the next day off.. We're not as lucky as the swedish, where the day is a national holiday. Some places in Norway they even throw paper withces on the fire. In old days, they thought it would keep the withces and bad spirits away!

This year me and my love will be heading out to visit Miss Lindy Lee and her man. They're having a moving in party, as well as a Midummers Eve party. Crossing fingers for nice weather and no rain, so we can dance naked around the swedish Midsummer Pole and wear flowers in our hair;) All according to swedish traditions.. *Cough* ya, maybe not the naked part. Skip the naked thing, but we'll have flowers!

Midsummers Eve 2010 in Oslo

Midsummers Eve bonfire

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summers of The Past

A poem for the summers of the past, this summer and all the summers to come.. One day we might look back at them with longing and remember the people, the smells and the sweet moments that fills our memories..

Like the author of this poem, I look back at those uncomplicated years of my childhood, where everything was new and exciting and was just waiting to get discovered.. Where I lived every day in the moment and day dreamed of the adventures to come. I think one of the hardest things in life is to hold on to this feeling of uncomplicated joy as years and the sometimes harsh reality of life passes by.. But you know what, I refuse to let go.

What is your childhood summer memories?

Smile by Raceytay

Summer 1969

Sometimes when evening falls too soon
And years slip by too fast,
I shake the autumn from my hair
And dream of summers past.

How I miss the warming breeze
Which lingered dusk to dawn
And carried with it sweet perfume
From someone's new-mowed lawn.

When Olli olli oxen free!
Rang out from vacant schools,
And Marco Polo! ruled the night
From depths of heated pools.

The fireflies wove careless paths
Among the wishing stars,
And magic sparkled within reach
To keep in jelly jars.

With worn transistor radios,
Through darkened streets we'd stroll
And seek out footprints on the moon
While humming Rock n' Roll.

Oh! how I wish I could return
To wish upon a star,
Or catch one fleeting summer night
And keep it in a jar.

~ by Kendra Allen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you Know..?

46 things you might, or might not know about Marilyn Monroe.. I found this video on Youtube some time ago and wanted to share it with you good peep! I'm not sure how true all of it is, but it's some fun and interesting "facts" from her life;) Enjoy!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Have a Winner..

Ladys and gents, we have a winner of the giveaway!! Drrrum rrrrrrrrolls, please.. The lucky winner of a sweet Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinator is RAKEL, with the lovely blog Akiras Gudinneblogg. Congrats to you!! I'll be packing and sending off the birdie for you this week <3

(I used a random number generator to pick the winner. I gave extra points to those of you who are following me both here and on Facebook, and also additional points to those who blogged or shared the link to the giveaway on Facebook).

You who didn't win this time around, I wish I had one for everyone.. But there might be a new chance, in the near future, be sure not to miss out;)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Day for The GIVEAWAY!!

If you want a shot in winning my first giveaway and you haven't already entered, you better hurry!!! Today is the last day before I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow. I'm giving away one of my lovely, lil' Cherry Tree Birds Nest Fascinators. Coming with an attachable cream chenille dotted hat veiling, for that lovely vintage style;)

Get your cute butt over here, to see how you can enter!!