Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To the Islands

Last week we went on a small trip with Miss E, Kim and my sis, out to one of the islands, in the Oslo fjord. It's just a 10 minutes out with the boat, but it feels like being on the country side. So beautiful and peaceful, quite a contrast to the city! It was wonderful to escape the busy city life for a few hours:)

Same morning we also decided to take some photos for Devious Darlins', while out there. Seemed like a good idea, the perfect beautiful back drop for some photos of the Darlins'. Both Miss E and my sister are photographers, and good ones too. Miss E took most of the photos, while sis jumped in at the end;) Guess who got to model lol? We had lots of fun shooting them around the different type of nature we found on the island! Can't wait to see them!! Will share as soon as Miss E get them ready.

A few photos from the trip:)








Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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