Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween To Ya'll;)

Wish you all a great Halloween!! Happy trick'r'treating, haunting, or the more relaxed version whitch we are enjoing on our side.. After the big party yesterday which took it's toll on everybody;) We're spending our All Hollow's Eve cozed up in the sofa, watching Supernatural and stuffing our self with candy! Seems just perfect right now:)

Bringing you some more photos of those lovely, irresistible, Halloween darlins' from the 30's, 40's and 50's... Enjoy!

Paulette Goddard, Miss Halloween 1939...

(Photos found via Google search)

Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hollow's Eve Is closing In

You can tell by the numerous ghouls and monsters popping up around the house... We've been busy mad , little monster creators over the last few weeks! Last night we got most of the indoors props up, but we still have a few things left, believe it or not. Such a small place, should think it wouldn't take much time.. lol But it does! It has been pouring down the last few days, which makes it difficult to put up the props outside. They would just wash away in the rain, as their mostly made out of toilet paper and card board. I was hoping it would be dryer today, but it's still redicelously wet and rainy.. Hope for a better day tomorrow! If not, we'll have to rethink the whole outside area, which sucks... On the bright side, more props and gore inside;)

Unfinished, but getting there..

Heart on a bed of fingers, yum!

Part of our freak show troop...

©Photos by Scary Mary

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tutu Skirt From Hell

After hours of sewing I finally got my costume together late last night... I fought and won, the battle over the tutu skirt! Though there were times i questioned that I ever would.. I know it sounds dramatic, but that's how it felt. lol The slippery material sticking together at all the wrong places, the 3meters/118inches long layers sliding away from each other and doing everything to anoy me. Not very patient I must admit, that must have went out the door with my ex.. I solved the slippery, sticking together problem by laying two heavy books on each side of the material, with a smaller area in the middle that I could sew. Then I moved it along as I got further down.. Worked wonders! A lot of swearing and cursing later I had made my first tutu, and without a sewing machine:)

Added some photos from the making of the costume.. (Huge spoiler allert, close your eyes Miss Lindy Lee and other guests to our humble Halloween soiree)...

Me working on the feather trimmed part of the costume...

Lovely feather trim found on Etsy

Where's a sewing machine when you need one..

Just look at the length of this thing..

Way! I made it!!

Tutu skirt, feather trimmed skirt on velvet ribbon and my precious, self designed hat;)

©Photos by Scary Mary

Monday, October 25, 2010

Knock, knock...

A knock on the door... Who's there? It's Bozo, the clown! He just loves sad, little children and toddlers that needs to be cheered up...

It's definitely starting to look a bit spooky around the house..

©Photos by Scary Mary

Kindered Souls

My man went off to Sweden today on a work trip, so have the love nest all for myself till tomorrow.. Funny how I miss him allready, even though his just gonna be away for one day! I usually like spending some time alone, I do enjoy the feeling of freedom and reflief it gives me.. How it seems to charge my batteries. Usually I have to have some alone time, to avoid getting all crazy. But this is different with him, I've never experienced it with anyone else... I love spending my time with him! You know how it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes, when you been cooped up with the same person over some time. How some people seem to steel your energy and others boost it. His definitely a booster and a kindered soul! He gives off an energy that I find really soothing... Be safe my love <3

The (allmost) full moon over town this morning...

©Photos by Scary Mary

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monster Creations

The creation of Tiny the Clown Hound!! The newest member of the family.. Made of plaster, toilet paper, banana boxes, gaffa tape, paint and some rugged, fake fur from a the fabric store down town:)

The head shaped and ready

Dry, drrrry, dryyyyyy...

Building a body

Getting the paint on

A haircut before the big night

Tiny found a chewtoy..

All groomed and ready for the ball...

© Photos by Scary Mary

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Birth Of A Monster.. Tiny, The Clown Hound!!

Quite a bit of planning and stuff that we need for our costumes, creations and props every year. Lets just say we have a few skeletons in our closets and monsters on the attic, with a collection that's rapidly growing with every Halloween;) My man has a few new monsters under construction, for the freak show theme this year. The last one out is the mean, man eating Clown Hound, Tiny. A psycotic carnies best friend!! Not exactly the type that will fetch you sticks in the park and come when you vistle, or call it's name.. On the other hand, it will fetch you body parts. Violently ripped of from the unlucky souls, which happends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or for those who try to sneek in to the carnival and not pay their admition ticket, or steel a little popcorn.. It's fathful to one person and one person only, but this person can only control it to a certain extent. The Clown Hound lives and feeds on the carnival grounds, lurking and waiting in the dark shaddows of the carni tents.. Waiting for that poor someone, to step away from the bright colored lights from the carnival and into the darkness... It sneeks up on it's prey with it's cute, clown like features. Anyone which comes in this vischous creatures way, most certainly will meet a painful death, as the sharp teeth dig into their soft flesh and rip their bodies appart... Moooohahahahahha!! Say hello to our new friend, Tiny the Clown Hound :o)

I think we got one of them.. Sneeky, sneeky, lying, cheeting!! Think they can come here... *muttermutter*

What you got there boy..?

Tiny, the Clown Hound..

© Photos by Scary Mary

Bloody Great Halloween Makeup...

I woke up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day.. Twinkeling frost sprinkled over the roof tops and the ground, where the sun rays hadn't found their way. Me and my love hit town pretty early to do some more Halloween shopping. I still had a few pieces missing for my costume and makeup that I had to go look for.. I went to a makeup store down town, with professional makeup. I found some really great stuff there, which I think will look awsome for the look I'm trying to achive.. I bought two different blood looking makeup gels, to make bloody cuts in my skin. They also had some latex to build it up and make it look all real, but I'll do it a little easier by going for some darker color underneath, like a black eyeliner to give it depths. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it off!! The girl in the store adviced me to do a test makeup before the real one, just to make sure.. Not sure, had decided just to do it sort of and see where it took me.. Hahhah Maybe a bit optimistic, but think it's the best way sometimes;)

Frosted roof tops..

Neighbours selection of chimneys..

Aautumn & Halloween colors in the sun

The sun beams reaching through the trees in the royal park today..

Plan B, if the makeup don't work out..;)
Mask from the science fiction/fantasy/medieval shop Outland in Oslo...

© Photos by Scary Mary

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mad Hatteress...

I've been working on the design for a small hat fascinator to my costume for some days now, to give it that mad circus feel... I decided to give it a go late last night. As my man said, there's not really that much time left, I should really get started! Hahha I've just been focusing on this tutu skirt I'll be wearing, so many layers and i don't have a sewing machine.. Which means i need to do it all by hand. Yaiiiks!! Have to say it puts me off a bit:/ But I'll need it, so better get it done.. Today, or maybe tomorrow.... *Cough*

The hat project on the other hand was a joy to make!! I used a couple of hours on it and it really turned out great! I used a few different items I have laying around for my hats, fascinators and jewelery line, which will be started up soon. I'm really pleased with the design of it, and I think it will fit perfect with my costme this year..:) Can't wait!!

You see a few photos of my new hat fascinator below, what ya' think?

© Product by Scary Mary’s Monster & Pinup Mash

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghastly Ghost Tour

We got our early Christmas present from sis yesterday eve, and what a horrific surprise!! A ghost tour in the oldest parts of Oslo:) Allmost two hours around the old fortress by the water front and the buildings surrounding it. It was a freezing cold, but beautiful atumn night.. The silouette of the old buildings and the fortress against a clear, dark blue sky. Sprinkled with stars and the moon to light up the scenerie... The perfect back drop for ghost stories..

The guide had some ghastly stories to tell about the former residents and the life here, and also some historic facts which we wasn't avare of. Guess they'r skipping all the gory, good parts in school. Like that Oslo used to be a free port for pirates! They came here to hide, with their stolen treasures.. Wonderful! Heads were rolling under the executioners ax at the old town square, for those who had comitted man slaughter. Of course open for the public to watch during their Sunday picnic.. "Could you pass me the roast beef, honey"? B.f. kabel Tv.. Staked heads put up outside the old children scool, to scare them from choosing a criminal life. Guess someone thought it was a splendid idea. Probably worked wonders.. Maybe an idea for todays school system? Under the motto; everything was better in the good, ol' days! Haha Massgrave of soldiers right under Grims Grenka Hotel, all from a rather bloody battle during the 1500 century, if I remember correctly. The skeletons has been removed and burried on christian grounds, but the hotel is still being haunted.. Stories of a grumpy nazi officer, haunting The Dubliner Pub. Which used to be the visa head quarter for the third reich. Very nice old, irish pub I have to add, don't look much like any nazi head quarter anymore;) And a black dog which were burried inside the construction of the Fortress to bring good luck..Yes, good idea! Guess it's pissed off and is still haunting the grounds, old stories says that it actually bites. While people that has seen it recently says it's acting rather friendly. From the old days, people gave the haunting dog the name, Malcanisen which means the evil dog in latin.. Say no more.

We learned about these ghosts and many, many more during the tour. I really loved the whole tour and the guide were really good at telling the stories.. A small adventure in the night and an inspiration, left with wanting to know more. What can I say, my sister knows me too well!!

After all the chilling stories about revenging ghosts, bloody battles and executions, and nearly freezing our toes blue in the cold, autumn weather. We found our way to The Whiskey Bar next to The Dubliner. Such a cozy, little bar with an impressive selection of whiskey and a nice, warm fireplace with grandpa' chairs surrounding it... I usually don't have whiskey, but it came quite natural with the whole feel of the place. Have to go back there, the whiskey was actually nice! Not sure if it was the cold night and the ghosts that made the difference, guess we'll find out;)

Ps: I've added some photos from an other night at the fortress, Oslo Culture Night... Were we had a ghost tour inside the fortress:)

Oslo by night.. Taken from a very old sailing boat...

The old fortress and the city in the background...

The old fortress, Akershus. Mirrored in the dark, oil like sea...

Real knights armour from the fortress

Three soldiers in uniforms true to the ones that were used in the 1700
The Dubliner Pub

Whiskey... Photo of  Mr. Greenjeans'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Witch's Shopping List

After a relaxing day at home, it's time to hit the shops and get what I need for Halloween!Especially for my costume.. I fear that it can take some time to get it together! For now I'm being a little secretive about my costume, as my dear friend, sweet Miss Lindy Lee will be attending our Halloween Party this year. No fun if it's not kept secret.. But I promise to reveal it to you later on;) The shopping list is long and rather peculiar looking.. More like a witch's shopping list, or mad scientist's scribbles. I'm not sure if I'll be able to haunt down all the ingredients for the special night, but hopefully I'll have most of it when I return home....

Circus Fabric
Spell Book & Tarot Cards
Wire For Wings & Fabric
Crow Scull
Dog or Werewolf Mask
Circus Tickets
Black Velvet
Body Paint & Makeup

And any other gory item I can find on my way....
O well, time to go shopping!!
Tudelu darlins';)

Two lovely 50's Pinup Halloween Witches..

Poll!! Vote On Your Favourite Scare Queen...

Make sure that your special Scare Queen isn't pushed back into the dark, stinky pits of hell.. Ending up like the wallflower of the ball! Pain and agony, what a trauma!! And even worse, by someone who doesn't deserve it at all... Polls close at 12:00 AM norwegian time,  31.10 on Halloween night. That leaves you 12 more days to vote on your gal, before it's all too late. If you don't see your favourite ghastly gal among the scare queens, I might have forgot about her. Let me know and I'll see what I can do you for;)

Yours sincerely,
Scary Mary

Vampira ~ The Horror Show Queen

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bat Wallpaper For The Haunted Home...

I found the perfect wallpaper for my future home!! Designed by Dan Funderburgh, you find them in various colors at Flavour Paper. Personally I think that the grey and black one "Licorice", would look just awsome! What a wonderful effect it would be, to have it on just one wall and the rest of the room in a neutral color. Either dark or lighter depending on the mood you want to set... Or do the whole room, for the full bat experience;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Who is the most ghastly gal of them all? Get out of the sofas folks, this time it's all up to you and no magic mirror... Vote on your all time favourite ghastly gal! I have my favourite, do you have yours? See your gal rise to be the Queen of Monsters!!

"It's a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters" ~ The Bride

Edward D. Wood, Jr. "Listen, I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime, grab some dinner, maybe"? Vampira "You mean; a date? I thought you were a fag" ...
Edward D. Wood, Jr. "No, no, I'm just a transvestite"

"You may kiss the bride" ~ Corpse Bride

"I'm a homicidal maniac- they look just like everyone else" ~ Wednesday Friday Addams

"Oh, Marilyn... The circles under your eyes. How lovely you look today!" ~ Lily Munster

"Thirty years had passed, yet her body remained that of an eternal child. Her eyes alone told the story of her age, staring out from under her doll-like curls, with a questioning that will one day need an answer" ~ Louis

"Whatever you need to do, you do it.. There is no wrong. If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. That's the way" ~ Baby Firefly