Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Gift Haunting

The last few days has been spent, searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. A tell tell that we've only been married for two years? lol Can imagine it's a bit different 15 years down the road.. The huge Etsy junky I am, many of my searches starts there. These awsome ties caught my attention, with their dark steam punk, rock, vintage inspired prints. A bit different than the ties you normally find  in the high street shops. Made of silk or microfiber, you can get them in a variaton of colors and three different sizes at Cyberoptix Tie Lab! With the slogan "Ties that don't suck", I think they would work well both for gays and ghouls.

At first I thought of finding some nice, vintage bow tie for my man. Not the normal bow tie, but the kind that has two ribbons hanging down from it. So far, it's nowhere to be found at the big interweb. If anyone has any idea, don't hesitate to shout out! I'm considering a tie instead, as he declared the other day that he's actually starting to like this thing, that he's been hating all his life. Nice, I say! Nothing hotter than a man dressed up in a nice suit and a tie, or bow tie for that matter;) We'll see if any of these will end under the tree... Hoho

Here's some of the great designs that you can find on ties, bow ties and scarfs at the Cyberoptic Tie Lab.

Black Widow Spider Necktie


Aw Shoot

Scull & Bones

Heart Attack

Bombs Away


Narrow Red Robot Inferno

Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Creature

I spotted the cutest, little snow creature on the way home yesterday! Left all by itself in the cold, harsh, winter night on someones light post.. A strange motherly feeling towards the little pile of snow balls came upon me, with a sudden urge to grab it and slip it into my pocket to take it home.. Mmm allmost like that cute, little, abanded puppy we found on Crete this summer, which I didn't want to leave, but my better half had to pull me away from. Hah! I had allmost forgot that.. *muttermutter*

Take me home...

I Can Mash Potatoe ~ I Can Do The Twist

The Thanksgiving dinner was a success, we had a really wonderful time with the family! Everyone greeted the new tradition and agreed that it should be a yearly event. The american dishes is a nice change from our traditional Christmas food, that gets served everywhere around this time. Part from turkey, which we have every Christmas eve in my family. Just a little different than you would make it for Thanksgiving..

Seems like deviled eggs is the new favourite around here, since my love made it for the Christmas dinner last year. To moms horror! Hahah That was till she tried them.. Now it seems she can't get enough.

I left the table with a feeling that can only be described with two words, Christmas eve! I ate way too much of the yummi food.. By the time the dessert rolled in, it felt like my tummy was about to explode!! And yes, I think I'm still full from yesterday.

Sadly we didn't get to try the Marilyn stuffing, mom picked up some recipe online for stuffing.. The hope is for next year;)

Mashing potatoes and getting ready to get the family americanized

Deviled eggs, among the goodies on the table!

Yummi peacan pie and banana pudding....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snowy Thanksgiving Sunday

The snow is falling heavy outside, the wind wips it around the corners, making the world white again.. We had really cold weather over the last couple of weeks, so at least it should stay this time. It makes everything brighter and protects a bit against the cold. Part from that, I really love a white Christmas:) Hopefully it will be layers of white crystals everywhere by then!

We'll be heading over to my parents in a couple of hours. My husband is working on the deviled eggs as we speak. Apparently mom has allready made the pecan pie and the stuffing, and the turkey is ready for the oven. So not sure what's left to make, part from the mashed potatoes which I'm supposed to be doing.. We should be all set and ready for a serious dig in and food frenzy;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Disaster..

Apparently not allways that easy to get the turkey in the oven, as we can see in this video....:) Hahha

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!

Wish everyone an awsome and very happy Thanksgiving! Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and their family. This year we'll be spending our thanksgiving at my parents house with my sister and her boyfriend coming over. We thought it would be nice to get our own family together and get some of those american traditions in along with the norwegian ones. It will be their very first thanksgiving and my second. With my husband guiding us through the traditions and must haves, I'm sure we're well taken care of! Since we don't get the day off here, we'll be celebrating on Sunday instead. It will be early up and over to my parents Sunday afternoon, to start preparing dinner. Hopefully mom can pop the turkey in the oven, so we have that done.. Hmmmm maybe we can try some of that Marylin Monroe Stuffing... Can't get more american then?

Marilyn in the kitchen.. Working on that stuffing?

Plucked, stuffed and ready...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bat Boy Tea & More Treasures

The other week I received my bat boy mug and the treasures that I ordered with it! Bat boy is now resting on our liquor shelf, till I have time to find him a better home. I have not had the pleasure of drinking out of him, yet.. But just made myself a cup of tea in him. Mmmmmm!! I say bat boy rule, if you ever come over a bat boy your self, don't hesitate;)

Hello, I'm Bat Boy...

Tiki mugs for coctails at home

50's metal lunch box to store my craft stuff in

A Jesus to watch over our hot pots and pans:)

Vintage Treasures

On my latest treasure hunting I stumbled over these fantastic goodies on Etsy!! All through the wonderful 50's inspired blog, Little Rascal which i have been following lately.. A swedish Rockabilly doll living in England, blogging about her life, fantastic vintage finds and her creativie hats, clothes and other accessories.. All my new treasures were found at Little Raskels Etsy shop, Rascal Kosher Design & Vintage:)

Vintage wicker bread basket for those late, american, Sunday breakfasts..

Awsome 50's handbag for my red lipstick and deadly sharp ice picker

Amazing hairdoes
Promise to work wonders!! The hope is that my hair will be just as awsome as Dita's after applying the rat and styling it..:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Concert On Caven

Still recovering from an other awsome night with great people and fantastic Rockabilly music, at Caven Rock'n'Roll Club!! Caven is a private rock club and club house, founded by the Razorbacks in 1989. The club house is located in a bomb shelter in the mountain, close to down town Oslo. Funny how silent it is from the outside, with no visible signs of any club really. Maybe except from a smoker or two.. Anyone passing by probably think it's nothing there. I would say it's one of these places you have to know about.. Stepping inside the huge iron doors that's bolted to the mountain, life, music and laughter hits you in strong contrast to the silence outside. Fantastic people, cheap beer and Rockabilly music! What more to ask for, all ingredients for a great party!! Best of all is around three o'clock, when the ashrays hits the tables, people loosen up and the "afterparty" starts. Then it's open till there's no more beer and the last person stumbles out the heavy doorway. To quote a friend "Caven is magic".. Couldn't agree more;)

It's allways fun at Caven, Saturday was no exception;) Toni & The Tomcats rocked the socks of everyone, then more awsome music from the DJ after the band! While my husband danced all night, I concentrated on being social, snapping photos, smoking my party smokes (which I can hear on my new, sexy voice today) and drinking, then came strong out on the dance floor at the end:) haha

Me & my man

Toini & The Tomcats

The as allways lovely, Miss Lindy Lee..

Fantastic, sweet bartender;)

Hall of smokers

Who said size matters?

Husband & sweet Mia dancing the night away

Pose for me..

Later on that night...

©Photos by Scary Mary