Friday, November 21, 2014

Sweet Friday

It's way too early and I just sat down behind my desk at work, with my first cup of coffee. But honestly can't wait to fly out of here, to weekend and freedom at the end of the day. I'm probably not the only one feeling the same. At least not judging from my facebook- and instagram timeline.. Lots of happy faces. It's something about the expectations that weekend always bring.. Anything and everything can happend. Right? Or nothing, if you prefer that. A couple of days rest, can be just as sweet.

Gotta run out and find a fun, little gift today. After a couple of laidback weekends, I'll be visiting my cousin, for a family gathering/her son's birthday. I'm fortunate enough to have a really lovely family, so it will be a treat to see them all again. Not that we are "perfect", or a role model family or anything. But they are perfect to me. Love them all, with their little quirks and everything..

What is your plans, if you have any?

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

TGIF.... Yaaaaaay!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tea Time..

Not much going on here, the last few days.. We have some kind of stomack flue, that's being passed around at work. I've been struck, but not bad enough to stay home from work. So far this week, most of my evenings has been spent on the sofa, under the warm blanket.  Drinking tea and watching Downton Abbey, with cute, little kitty all bundled up in my arms. Quite nice to be able, to just wind down and do nothing. But wish I felt a bit better. Hopefully it will be gone by weekend. Or maybe a glass of red will cure it.

I've also spent some time doing some research, for our trip to the US next spring. Looking at places to stay, things to do, places to see..  It's still on the early stage, but slowly coming together... Oooo getting butterflies in my tummy, when I think about it. Can't wait!

Batwings is my favourite blend, what is yours?

Get your very own arsenic tea cup and saucer, at Chase and Scout Design on Etsy.

Fancy an ogre toe to go with your tea?

Absolutely love this mug..
And this one too!

For Your Witches Tea Party Hand Painted Tea Room Sign by shrinemaiden, $18.00
A fine sign, for your Witches Tea Room

A withces tea party..

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Left Overs

Saturday I started the big clean up in the Dead Sailors Inn, after our pirate party. It's very nice to be able to close the door to the mess, when the party is over. With a vague plan to clean it up later. Sometime, at some point. Some other day. Not so nice anymore, when that day arrives. Nothing in there is like good wine, that gets better as time goes by. On the contrary.

Armed with several plastic bags, kitchen paper and Jif spray, I went into the hazard zone. After opening the big barn door, hitting the light switch and letting my eyes adjust to the poor light, from the door and a couple of lamps. The sight of last weeks fun hit me, like a sad smack in the face. Tonns of empty bottles, shot glasses, wine- and champagne glasses, all with sticky, squishy left overs on the bottom. Stinking ashtrays, with old sigarette buds falling over the edges. Broken glass, wine corks, bottle tops. A sweater in a corner, scarf, a chinese parasoll. And a bit on the wild side: nipple pasties and a pile of corsets.. We. *Eeehm* I, were going to "dance burlesque", instructed by my burlesque dancing friend. one of those great ideas, that usually forms at the late side of a party. But decided not to, in a moment of clearness.. Thank Godzilla!

Every item being a reminder, of something that happened that night. A bit of giggeling and "Ooooh's", as I went through it all. Almost like re-living the whole party, just on fast forward.

Oh, and of all odd things, the strangest must be; a shoe heel! So if someone is missing
 a shoe heel, please contact the gobblin at the information desk.

Must clean with style..

Information desk goblin..

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Downton Abbey

Friday evening came and went.. A whole bottle of red, was consumed while watching the first episodes of Downton Abbey. I was told I'd probably like this serie, that person was totally right! I love the English costume drama series and movies. I think the english are just brilliant in this genre. Everything is so well made and thought through, down to the smallest details.. And I'm such a sucker for anything old, I love drooling over all the wonderful clothes and surroundings.

My first impression of Downton Abbey is really good. Great cast, wonderful costumes and settings, plot is good, lovely characters, not boring. I already have a few favourite characters. Love it! Will probably see some more episodes of it tonight. Wondering what's going to happend next.. That's ususally a good sign.

Best of all, it's been aired for a while. So I have 5 whole seasons to indulge in, with a season 6 coming up! I might be the last person on the planet watching this serie, as I've heard of it for a while now. I don't know why I haven't checked it out before now. How ever, if you haven't seen it yet and like english costume dramas, I really reccommend this serie. It's so well made and the plot is good, so far. Give it a go!

"A chronicle of the lives of the Crawley family and their servants, beginning in the years leading up to World War I."

Friday, November 7, 2014

New Layout

Confused? It's still Scary Mary's. I just thought it was way over due with some change, after having the same blog template for about 5 years now.. My old layout wouldn't let me adjust the width, so I could blow the images up. Problem solved! I also love my new wicked forest background and color cheme. Hope you all like it.

I'll be working a bit more with it the layout and header, over the next few days. Bare with me..

Friday Bliss

Finally Friday, people.. Best day of the week, has finally arrived. We woke up to light snowfall this morning. Cold and dark. And it's dark by the time we get home too.. Doesn't exactly invite to any outdoors activity. Can't wait to get home to the mansion, wiggle my butt way down in the corner of the sofa, with a big glass of red. With no other plan, than finding something nice to watch on my computer. An excellent plan, if you ask me.

Yesterday I managed to rescue some last summer flowers, for winter storage in the basement. Kind of last moment, with the cold that has been lingering in the air the last, few days. Saturday I will be digging up the very last plants, that won't survive our norwegian winter. That will also be the end of any garden work for this year. Winter has indeed arrived..

Would love to have an old bench like this, in our garden..
A glass of red, in front of the fire place.. No better winter activity!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drunken Sailors

I'm back after some days of much needed rest, after the Halloween party.. Everything turned out really great, we had an awsome time! It's such a good feeling to gather friends to something like this. Seeing that everything turns out as planned and that everyone is enjoying themself. I think a good party can leave you with a real boost of energy and good wibes. This one surely did!

We had the Dead Sailors Inn full of tipsy and more or less drunken sailors, pirates, one mermaid, a demon, and a banana (!). The banana claimed she was sailors food and that we was more than welcome to take a bite. She handed out flyers with information to the sailors. Saying that bananas is good for scurvy and winter depressions. In case you wonder, she was still intact at the end of the night. I think all the Halloween candy we had strategically placed around the bar. might have saved her from a gloomy, ghastly death lol.

It was a wet evening, with rain showers that came and went. But it was warm. Turned out we didn't have to worry about the heat at all. We were so worried that people would freeze, so we went out and bought an extra heater that runs on gas. Instead it got really warm. So warm that our mermaid friend running around in her bra, thought it was just perfect. Me in my padded, chinese jacket and wool socks on the other hand..

Our very good buddy, Kim Lia. Gave us a hell of a concert and rocked the bar big time!! It was so awsome to have live music in our saloon. We have been talking and dreaming about it for a while now. Finally the dream got realized.. The best feeling! We're so greatful that Kim wanted to play for us. As my love put it: The best birthday and Halloween party ever!! Big words coming from an american.

I've added a few photos from the night..
More obscure photos, will be added in a later post!

Me as pirate Ching Shih, with my pirate friend..
Kim rocking the joint
Ching Shih, Miss Mermaid and Banana Lady...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy belated Haunted Halloween

Hope you all had a wonderful spooky Halloween last night? Mine was spent doing some last shopping, for the birthday Halloween party tonight. Also some last adjustments at the Dead Sailors Inn. Believe it or not, still a couple more things to do. Think we could be doing this fulltime! Then we'll hopefully be all set by the time our dead guests arrive.. Can't wait to scare the living crap out of them! Mooooahhahahahahha....