Monday, April 25, 2011

Angst - Short Movie by Emiel Penders

Such a funny and cute little, animated, short movie! Story is about a small boy, Andre' who has been harassed by the wind since the day he was born. It developes into a angsty relation towards it.. I love how the story goes! Watch it and find out how the Andre' gets over his fears;)

Burlesque Hairdo'

Lucky me got my hair styled for my Burlesque Birthday, by lovely Miss E! She's just finished the Adam & Eva hairdressers school and in need of hairmodels, a real win-win situation for both of us. She offered to do my hair burlesque style for the show the same evening, so said so done!

I spent all day on my birthday in the hairdresser chair. Chatting away with Miss E and the girls, reading magazines and drinking coffee. All while getting my hair cut, colored and beautifully styled at the end. As you can see by the photos, it was all held together with a hairnet and a thousand hairpins, at least. I think it turned out really lovely and was absolutely thrilled to have my hair done by someone! I love the old style to it and the hairnet:)

It was a really nice and relaxing way to spend my day, getting pampered and all. A real treat! Not every day I go get my hair styled by someone.. More like never! Haha Might be more often now, as Miss E needs to practice;)

I felt like a real diva on the tram, all the way back home! With my handmade, little black and white birdie fascinator, from my Birds Nest collection peeking out on the side. Looks rather comfortable up there, doesn't he? lol






Thursday, April 21, 2011


A peek at the concert with Meanstreak this Tuesday! I also added a video with the band that came after them, Paranoid Androida. Sorry to say I was standing quite far away on that one, so wasn't able to get the same quality on it as with Meanstreak..

Meanstreak Concert - Rock In

My days isn't solely about shop and brand making.. I rewarded my hard work with a night off and concert on Rock In, a metal club in down town Oslo. To see our friend Kim play with his band, Meanstreak! I pulled on my leather daisy dukes and T-shirt for a night with metal fun, beer and good friends;)

Concert was awsome!! Not what I usually go to see, or listen to at home. But music was great, bands were fab and met some new cool people:) Among them, the host from the burlesque show I went to on my birthday! Also had a great time with wonderful Miss E and friends!!






Busy lil' Bee

I've been a real busy lil' bee here lately!! I have a week off from work, due to the easter holidays. And a couple of extra days that was needed, to be able to get my creations ready for the shop. I've been working on the gift wrapping and have pretty much ordered most everything I need, just a few small details that I need to work out.

I'm looking at making some stamps for the labels and business cards. And not the least, a tagline I can put underneath my brand name, Devious Darlins'. I think I'm getting close to something. Problem is that I have more than one that I like! Hahah I know, luxury problem.. I'll be showing it to you guys when I got it all together:)

Since last, I've also got myself a .com, .no, a few pointers and registered the company! *Excited* It's hard to think of anything else and ideas is buzzing around in my head from I wake up, till I go to bed.. And the mountain of post-it notes with reminders to myself keeps growing.

I'll be doing a contest/giveaway pretty soon, with one of my creations as the grand prize!! Make sure you pop in to join that;)

A few new creations.. Go to Devious Darlins' facebook page for more!




Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Lived on The Moon - Kwoon

Such a beautiful, animated music video!! I love animations and this is a really wonderful treat.. Love the dreamy wonderland feel to it. Together with the music it almost feels like I'm getting transported to the moon myself;)

My Birthday Bash

I had a wonderful evening and celebration of my birthday at Midnight Burlesque, on Friday the 8th of April!! The show was amazing and so was the girls! The whole show was such an uplifting and feel good experience. Great humour, fantastic costumes and sexy ladies that came in all shapes and sizes. I don't think I've been laughing that much in a very long time!

It also made me think about how we girls are way too critical about our own apparance.. That we have to stop thinking we're not good enough, when we are beautiful just the way we are! We don't have to look a certain way. We are all born different, so why stribe to look the same? Or in some way that very few women on this planet look like naturally. Stop worrying about cellulites, dimples, too big this, too small that, wrong shape, too short or long or what ever.. I say live your life and be happy, either you're a small, medium or large. Always remember that you are beautiful and unique!

Besides isn't imperfect what makes us and life interesting? Just like the imperfect is way more perfect, than anything perfect can ever be..

What do you think?

A small peek on the show from Friday, all snagged from the internet this time.. I was too busy watching to get the camera out of the purse:) hahha

Ps: I'll be coming with some more photos of the costume, hair and evening in a later post;)






Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burlesque Birthday

Getting ready for my big day tomorrow!!  8. April, one year older and maybe a little wiser;) At first I wanted to get away for a fun weekend with my love. Later I found out that one of the biggest burlesque events of the year, is this weekend. Lets just say, I wasn't hard to convince.. I'm gathering the gals and guys for a festive, dress up evening with burlesque show, in skimpy burlesque outfits! I'm so excited and can't wait, will be so fun to see the costumes and of course the show:)

I'll be heading up to my Halloween, treasure chest this evening, to see if I can't find some goodies to wear for tomorrow night... Know I should have something there, that would fit perfect for my burlesqian night.. Something shiny, laced, black and feathery;)

Happy birthday to me!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Queen of Rockabilly

Here's a wonderful piece of rock'n'roll history for you guys! With the song Fujiyama Mama, from the rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. Isn't she just the best, I love the sound of her voice! It's so raw and powerful!! Just what I need today, after a long day at work and still going on;)

Tell me about your favourite artist, or maybe a favourite tune from the old days?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Treat

A little Tuesday treat for you good peep!! Something dark, short and eerie, from the darkest, far away corner of Scary Mary's laboratory shelfs..

Ps: Be patient, takes a few seconds to load..

Onto Something..

Seems like most of my sparetime these days, revolve around getting my company started. I hate the fact that I can't be as social as I usually am, and already had to say no a few times to friends. But at least it feels like I'm doing something productive and getting somewhere. Not only dreaming about it, which is a wonderful feeling:)

Saturday I was home at Melissa's, from the Ideas To Steal blog. We did some brainstorming around a design for the shop, webpage, logo and everything else that I'll need. A few hours on the computer, coffee, dinner and a bottle of red wine later, resulted in great ideas! Can't wait to share it with you guys!!

I'm so lucky to get some help from her, as she's doing this for a living:) Her goodness will be rewarded with plenty of jewelery!!

A few positive outlooks on life, that we all need to be reminded on now and then..




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