Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Spring Thrills and Trills...

Lovely, long, lazy easter days.. Spent in my beloved tights and hoodie, watching an endless flow of scary movies, fun movies when my dreams goes over to nightmares, and then some more scary movies when I just thought I had enough. Snacksing on chips and chocolate, which suddenly and convinient is popping out of the cabinet..

Wonderful, warm, vibrant easter Sunday, spent on a wooden bench outside the tiki bar.. All while the first, warming rays of sun hits the skin. First outdoors beer, cheers and people peeping;) An optimistic roar of Harleys and vintage cars filling the air...

A ladybugs first lazy steps, between our dobble glass windows on the toilet.. Gently released from it's winter nest, resting on my thigh before it liftes off into the chill easter evening..

The crows chased off, or maybe holding their breath.. Falling asleep to the beautiful trills of the nightingales, a gentle breeze caresses my cheek and bring promises of warmer days to come...

Chasing off the last shaddow of winter..

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