Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun & Fun!!

Me and my love will be leaving the cold north, for two weeks of wonderful sun and fun on Crete!! The next two weeks you'll find me relaxing on a sunbed in the shade, or touring the island with my man. We'll be staying at the exact same place where I spent 5 whole years living the greek life, with my greek ex!

Seems like a whole lifetime since and in many ways it is.. But I still remember the language, which usually comes in handy. I'm still pretty much in love with the island, but hate how it slowly gets destroyed by tourism.. I know it's a big part of their livelyhood, but I can't help feeling that they should keep some of the old charm! After all, part from Knossos and ancient cities, that's one of the reasons why people wanted to travel there in the first place..

We made a trip down there last year, but wasn't able to rent a car since my love was still waiting for his norwegian drivers license. Something we'll definitely be doing this year. I'm so looking forward to show him some more of the beautiful island and culture! I'm planning to take him a bit off the beaten tourist track and show him some of the authentic island life;)

The last couple of weeks has been quite rainy, on and off here in Oslo. Where at times it feels like someone has cut a rain cloud open, right over our heads. Poring all of the water out! Longing for some sand between my toes and beer on the beach, in the sunset!!














50's Censored Commercial

This one seems pretty frisky for it's time, no wonder it was censored.. Not sure if they thought that they would actually let them show this on TV back then when they made it! lol From todays point of view, I think it's not really bad at all, more fun and cute. Something tells me that they would have gotten easier away with it in todays society;) What do you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In a Shop Near You

I delivered my creations to Los Lobos last Friday!! I've been working to reach this moment for some time now, and a lot of time and effort has been put into it.. It feels wonderful to finally have my stuff out there and available. Birds to the people!

I walked up there, to put the display up after work yesterday. After searching half the town for some nice branches to put my birdies on, I started to give up the idea of finding the kind I was looking for. I thought I'd have to go for plan B, my "Halloween branches". The ones I have in storage, that I pull out every Halloween, to hang bats and spiders on.. But as I walked up there, I decided to pop into this last flower shop that I passed by. And kiss my lucky star! He had two left from Christmas of the exact same kind I was searching for. Not only that, he gave them to me for free:) When it looks like all hope is out and so on..

Long story short, display is now up and I love the way it turned out!! Just like I had imagined! I forgot my camera at home, so I had to document it with my mobile phone. The colors is a little off and they're not as sharp as I could wish, but you get a little peek on how it looks. If you're in the area, go have a look;)

Also I received a wonderful review from Miss Margarita on her blogg, a couple of days ago! Thanks sweetheart!!




Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Tune - Wish you Well

The Friday tune this time is from our "mini concert", on Miss E's balcony 17th of May.. Our good friend Kim singing and playing the gitar. Quite far from what we heard him singing last time, on the concert with Meanstreak. A wonderful, mellow song about lifes twists and turns, which goes straight to the heart!

I'm not sure what the name of the song is, I'm horrible with names.. But maybe you guys know?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

17th of May - National Day of Norway

Our National Day was celebrated with good food, champagne, wine, beer and wonderful company, at Miss E's balcony!! It was an all dayer with gitar playing, chatting and fun! We rounded up the night at New Anarkali, an indian restaurant on Grünerløkka. Super yummi food and great service! Will definitely be back.

Ps: I don't know how to play the gitar, but I do know how to improvise;)









Busy Mary

The last few weeks I haven't had as much time as I'd like, to write on my blog.. But I promise to come back stronger, when things settle a little more. Being right at the starting point of bulding my company, it takes a lot of time and effort to get everything right. It's not just the creative part, but all the paper work and legal things that I don't know anything about. It's a whole new world to me. But it's interesting to learn how it all works. I'll also have to learn how to do the accountance work. Joy! Can't wait for that;) Scary, but exciting and new!!

My goal is to get my things in the shop by Friday:) My creations is bagged and ready for delivery! I'm so close now, almost there!! Just a few tiny details that has to be done.. *Crossing fingers*


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tags & Wrapping

My company stamps finally dumped down the mailbox today:) Yeahiiii!! Things are really starting to get together! I'm just waiting for the product tags now, then I'm ready for business!! So exciiiiited, not sure what to do with myself. Trying to keep it together, but on the inside it's all bubbling and steaming. Keeping me awake and making it hard to sleep at night.

At work 'm all jawning and in a bit of a haze, even dobble espressos doesn't get through to me right now! lol What to do, what to do.. Think my mind is just working on high gear and I'm overloading myself with creative ideas. Ideas, create more ideas.. Like a growing plant out of control, with its tentacles everywhere, if you know what I mean?

Not sure how my man is coping with me at the moment. I feel like a teenager in love! With my company. Hahha

Some photos of the wrapping for my creations.. Check out my Devious Darlins' facebook page for more updates!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Blues - John Lee Hooker

I'm starting the week with some lovely blues music from the legend John Lee Hooker, for all you good peep out there! What a great way to wind down after a long day at work.. So listen in, tap your feet and enjoy;)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Full Moon

In the darkening sky, if you cast your eyes,
You will see the silver lady rise,
Bathing the world in a steely blue
Edged with a haunting, silver hue.

Higher and higher she rises with grace,
Shrouding the trees in a cloak of lace,
Sending her rays to the waters below,
Casting reflections in ripple and flow.

Oh, such a majesty gracing the sky,
Passing a twinkle to stars riding high,
Oh, what a magickal sight we purvey
From dusk, till the night gives in to day.

And so, she sinks in horizons west,
Content in the knowledge that we saw her best,
She'll return once again when the sky turns black,
And if you should whisper, she might whisper back.

~ by Darkwing

With these beautiful words still fresh in mind.. I'll go crawl under my cover, lay my head on the pillow. Turn the lights off and slowly slip into dreamland. To a place where minutes seems like hours, night becomes day and anything you ever wished for, with a sprinkle of magic dust, might come true...


(Photo: unknown. Please notify me if you have any information of who took it)..