Monday, March 8, 2010

High Voltage Tattoo

Waiting in anticipation to get the books I ordered online yesterday..:) Kat von D's book of tattoos, "High Voltage Tattoo". A book with her work, the stories behind the tattoos, her life and pictures to drool over.. I also ordered the book "1000 Tattoos" by Henk Schiffmacher, it has lots of old scool tattoos and old black and white photos of people with tatts from around the world. I really love the old style tattoo work! Also I find the photos of the people that got tattoos back in the old days really interesting. Rugged sailors, circus artists, free women, you name it!

I'm a total virgin when it comes to tattoos myself, nothing but pure, white virgin skin on my body! haha But I totally admire and love the art! Why I don't want any myself? Well, that's my statement of being different. Though I can't deny, I have been playing with the thought of getting under the needle.. My love has been a tattooist for years and is more or less covered in tattoos and still planning new ones. I simply love his tatts and find them very sexy;) We have a dream of opening our own shop here in Oslo, I think it would suit us perfect. I could do my things, he can do his tattooing. We'll see what happends, it's a big step to take and we have a few things that needs to be in place first.. In the mean while, I'll study the art;)

Doc Forbes

Simply love this photo..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Katie Husak's Monsters

Stumbled upon Katie Husak's lovely, dark little monsters yesterday and instantly fell in love! I love the sweet inocent feel to her pieces, a little like illustrations from a childrens book.. Cute, but I'm sure they bite when cornered;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dizzie Lizzie...

I'm not quite sure how I did it, but somehow I managed to forget all about it and walk away from my visa card at the ATM yesterday...:S So angry at myself, talking about being far away..!! Long day at work and not feeling to well, trying to get some swedish money changed into norwegian.. Argh!! Identity theft and drained bank account is running through my mind. That little card holds some sensitive information.. Hoping and praying that my card hasn't ended up in the wrong hands! Been through this before and I remember vividly how my bank account got drained within days, without being able to do nothing. Helplessly watching the money flowing out of it... Yeah, you get it back, but it takes time. Even if you notice the bank, there is a few places it can be used. At least at that time, according to the clerk in the bank, there isn't many places that you can use it anymore and 99% of the time the card gets returned to it's owner without being misused. Hope he's right!

"Airhead" by Katie Husak