Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marilyn's armor bra

A little "secret" from the 50's, at least one that I didn't know of.. Cuz who would think that the sexy pinup chics of the 50's armed them selfs with four layered padded bras, with suspension bridge tecnology to enchance their curves and bring their breasts to new heights and volumes..?? Apparently long before silicon was the common substance to stuff your breasts with and maybe in the lack of having such a thing and tennis socks was last years.. This four padded bras known as a Fling was used among the burlesque artists, show girls, strippers and yes our beloved Marilyn Monroe and probably most of the pinups back then. Marilyn's "wonderbra" went on auction in England earlier this year and was expected to fetch a staggering 2,000 £!!

"Katie Halford, a designer of vintage lingerie firm What Katie Did, said Fling bras were worn by strippers and burlesque artists and were hardly seen today. She said: "These bras would have been invisible under clothing and ideal for wearing under halter-neck dresses, like the one she wore in the Seven Year Itch."

The Fling together with a corsette made Marilyn Monroes curves world famous till this day. But the stunning 37-23-36 didn't come without the technology of her times push in, push up and boosts and God knows what else. A bit dissapointing all in all, but Marilyn is still an icon to me and will allways be, four padded bras or not. This was not what made her special to me and I like to think to most of you people, it was her inner beauty that shone through. That's what true beauty is all about. You can add all the tecnology in the world and rearange your face as much as you want, but nothing will ever meassure up to it!

Something to chew on while you drink your morning coffee...



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dita Von Teese's teasingly, sexy lingerie collection <3

Get ready to party with Dita! The wonderful Dita Von Teese has created an other retro inspiered collection of lingerie together with Wonderbra; “Wonderbra "Party Edition" by Dita Von Teese*. The stunning, little peaces of Dita-art is available in stores these days:D The beatiful burlesque dancer has allready seduced both men and women around the globe with her sensual preformances for some time and the last collection of Dita lingerie got ripped of the shelves in no time. The lingerie she now has designed for Wonderbra is no exception. Seductive it is and the smoking hot pictures of Dita herself posing in her own creations is share candy for the eyes;) I can't wait to get my paws on these!

Like the last collection it is clearly inspired by the '40s and '50s, this time added a bit more color to the sexy collection. Like last time also some of the panties and bras have quick-release magnetic clasps so you can get them off quick and easy. Wonderbra promises that this detail will make “daring stripteases a cinch”... I would also think that it's going to be a much appreciated by the not so handy guys out there;) Goooooood bye to embarrasing, sweaty moments.. Or like Dita puts it:

“Lingerie shouldn’t be something you just put on for your lover; you should do it for you…It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

“I love the idea of making everyday a party!”

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Holy tequila!!

God, it felt like I had been hit by a train when I woke up this morning. Must be that tequila, that I at some point of the night convinced myself was a BRILLIANT idea! Right.. Like it hardly ever is, especially on a Wednesday night if you're working the next day.

Yup, guilty! I was out shrinking my brain again. Touring dark rocker pubs after some very long, boring hours at work felt like a very tempting option. Aiaiai and I must admit, it felt GREAT!!:)

After a day of  feeling like I was the centre of a catastrophe, a stumbeling hassard for myself and my surroundings. Knowing that I didn't have much work waiting and that I could work home today made it O-so easy.

Maybe a bit too easy. I usually get quite bad hangovers, which leaves me zombified the day after a night out. They are usually spent in front of the tellie, craving everything sweet, salty and fatty that I can get my hands on..

While my sweet, caring man nurses me back to life. Making food and coffee, served in bed, eaten in recovery position. I know, quite pittyful.. lol Today on the other hand, it was all rise and shine and get the corpse over to the computer. Ready for a new daaaaaaayyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzz.....---------------------------biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy hour or lost hour?

If you for some reason think you have too large of a brain, or find your self to be to bright for your surroundings. There is hope! A recent study by american researchers found that drinking alcohol shrinks your brain. It shows that even low alcohol consumption such as 1-7 glasses of wine a week effects the part of your brain that has functions such as your memorie and orientation. Hmmmmm this could explaine my lack of english the day after a late night out...:S Lovely! On the positive side, the same study reports that beer shrinks your brain 10% less than wine does!! Yeeeaaaahiii an other good reason for choosing my Corona;D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday..

Well, matter of fact, me having a lazy Sunday, while my husband is going wacco with the soaps and cleaners today, scrubbing down the kitchen.. Even the walls doesn't escape the Washinator! Yaaaaawn!! Where did he find this energy? ahah lol I'm surfing the internet while trying to ignore the sound of the scrubs and the eager headphones-on-serenade. An inner voice telling me I should join in on this cleaner revolution and get the hoover out. Rock the hoover bebe! Maybe in a little g-string.. Lets see what the Washinator is made of;) Is it pure Titanium, or is it part flesh and blood??