Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lemon & Honey

Easter is right around the corner and so is spring! With Hawaiian rythms by The Andrew Sisters a couple of days ago, I bring some more summery goodies for all you good peep:) While we're still waiting for those long, lazy, summer days.. Here's some wonderful vintage treasures, in the color of the warming sunbeams and not to forget, Easter!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hula-Ba-Luau by The Andrew Sisters

With the sun shining the allmost every day for the last few weeks now, bringing us one step closer to spring day, by day.. I can feel it tingeling in every limb of my body and I'm slowly waking up from a winter in hybernation!

With that, I'm bringing you some summery, jungle, Hawaii inspirered rythms, with The Andrew Sisters!! Don't you just love those little drums, they have on their hips? Have to get one for my summer outfit;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Los Lobos

Yay!! Guess what, I'm a very happy girl reporting back to you guys:) My little trip to Los Lobos on Thursday went really well! She loved all of my creations and will be taking all my hair pieces in and some of the jewelery to start with. So happy, scared and excited at the same time! Somehow it feels like it's less responsibility to only have my own store to worry about. Now I have an obligation to deliver to someone else..

But it feels HELL so good:D For those who don't know the shop, it's a really popular rockabilly/retro shop in the heart of Grünerløkka. A vibrant and young part of town. They have many regular costumers, with people passing by and popping in every day. It will be a great place to not only sell my creations, but also get some exposure. I'll just have to concentrate on making and the creative prosess of it for now. One step at the time, I'll get all the pieces in the puzzle together in making my store and my brand! Excited, to say the least!!

Hopefully you can see my creations, among the other yummi goodies they've got on Los Lobos, in not too long;)




Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exciting Times

Still struggeling to get well from my cold.. Usually it takes about a week to get it out of the system, but it seems to take a little longer this time. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by the end of this week.. I have too many things going on to be sick! A bit hard to time I guess, but it always seems to come when it's most inconvenient..

Most of the little energy I have left, has gone into working out the details around my internet shops and brand. I've also been ordering some more flowers and jewelery parts, for my summer creations. I got my paws on some lovely items, I can't wait to get them home and get started on it!!

I will be meeting up with my good friend Melissa, from Ideas To Steal next week. She will be helping me with the design of the shops and some details around it, SO looking forward to that:)

Today I'll be heading up to Los Lobos, crossing fingers and toes! Very exciting times indeed.. So, no time to be sick around here!! (Do you hear me, body)?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wonderful Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor - Rest in Peace

Today we lost a legend, a star and an amazing woman.. Surrounded by her loved ones, Elizabeth died of heart failure, 79 years old. After struggeling with various health problems over the last few years.

And with her one of the last remaining, old classic, glamorous, Hollywood actresses has left us. She will always be remembered as the fantastic actress she was and for her roles in some of the biggest Hallywood movies back in the days. Like Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and many many more. But also for her devoted work against HIV and AIDS.

How ever you choose to remember her, to me she's without doubt one of the most beautiful and captivating women of the 50's and 60's. She was a vibrant person with an amazing spark and expression in her eyes, she also seemed to be very passionate about life!

No wonder men seemed to fall on their knees where ever she set her foot.. With 8 Marriages behind her and 7 different husbands, I truly believe that she lived life to the fullest and gave a damn what people thought. I love her for that!








1951: Montgomery Clift (1920 - 1966) and Elizabeth Taylor star in the melodrama 'A Place In The Sun', directed by George Stevens for Paramount.









Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tuesday Thrift Treasures

Me and my love went on a little thrift shopping this week. I was lucky enough to get Tuesday off from work, since I worked double shift on Monday. I had to step in for my colleague that were sick.. We went to a big thriftstore on the other side of town, I've wanted to take my my man there for ages, but never got the finger out. Like with everything else, it seems like it takes some time from thinking about it, to actually doing so..

Nothing special that we really needed, but a few things that I wanted. Among those, I've wanted to change out the Marilyn Monroe lamp that I made many years ago. That is if my husband alouds me, he want us to keep Marilyn up.. We'll see, what happends.

Hanging upside down on the wall of one of the store owners, I found a cool 50's lamp! I also found some cute, grandma' looking shades way in the back. I had to climb over a small mountain of vintage to get to them. But it was all worth it! Some holes here and there and a bit discolored, but that's the charm;) Best of all, the lady said that she might have an other one for me, I'll be calling her back next week to see if she found it! Yay!!




I also found a few other goodies, that you can see below. A couple of clothes brushes, one which is in silver that I got a real good deal on. He didn't see the silver stamp before after. Also a couple of wine bottle openers from the 20's-30's:)



Some photos from one of the stores. It is all crammed from floor to roof with old war effects and quriosities! And going in there is allmost like visiting a war museum, without the signs that explain what everything is.. I love old uniforms, so I'm pretty much in heaven when there:)







Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Tune - Red Hot

An other Friday tune coming your way, here from Scary Mary's. This time I'm giving you Billy Lee Riley with Red Hot, a steaming hot rock'n'roll song from the mid 50's! It seems impossible to sit still when I hear this, it makes me wanna dance around on the floor like a nutcase. Who cares if the neighbours can see me?

Friday is slowly ticking over into Saturday in my part of the world, while some of you still have some hours left. Where ever you are and what ever you are doing, I wish you a great Friday and what's left of it;)

Finally Friday

And oh, it never feels wrong! Even after staying home from work today. I've been low on energy all week and having a cold. Then  I got a blather infection last night. Joy.. Not much fun, without going into details. But I'm throwing down lemon water like a champ and hoping it will go away! Sadly I didn't make it to Los Lobos today, to show my creations. I was too afraid of leaving the safety of the nest and having a nearby toilet.. But I made a new appointment with the girls for next week, excited:)

One good thing got out of the day, I had all the time in the world to sit down and work on some details around my soon to be opened, online shops on Epla and Etsy. Epla is a norwegian page, much like Etsy, but mostly norwegian artists. I also made a Facebook page for my creations, which has been in the back of my mind for a while now..

I also got to check out some alternatives for wrapping and packaging on my way home from work yesterday. I popped by one of the art stores down town, it's allways fun to see what they have and get inspirered! I want the wrapping to look nice, leaving the customer with the feeling of receiving, and opening a gift:) I also think it's important that the wrapping matches the shop design and colors in some way. Tags and cards will be made by me, an other creative prosess to get through!

I'm sitting here with a warm feeling of achieving something today and moving a bit forwards, an other step towards my dream. All these practical details around starting a business, sometimes I think to myself "Jeeeez, what have I started".. At the same time it feels great! Great because it's mine, something of my own and that I've created. Something I wanted for so long.. It's all very exciting and I know with myself that I can't stop now;)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, ideas or advices to come with:) Maybe you have experience with opening something of your own? How did you go about it?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Spooky World of Alexander Jansson

I discovered this wonderful artist over at Boo Spooky some time ago and wanted to share it with you guys!!

Alexander Jansson is a swedish artist who specializes in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design. He is situated in Gotenborg, Sweden. Alexander makes some amazing dark art, so sweet and spooky! I love the colors and the cute, awkward looking characters.. Looking at his pictures, it feels like I'm transported to this dreamy, eerie dimension, where the fog always hangs low and the night never ends..

I'd love to stay for a while, maybe it would make a good destination for my next holiday? I wouldn't have to worry about getting a tan and I'd have som interesting looking creatures to hang out with;)

Head over to his site, or find him on Deviantart to see more creepy art, or maybe buy a print or two!












Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Closet Skeletons

Those who know me, know I'm a huge sucker for high heels and stilettos.. So this shouldn't come as any surprise! I did a major clean up in my shoe closet the other day. It has been allmost impossible to close the door for a while and I knew I probably had shoes burried in there that I would never use again.. Time to dig'em out and get rid of them, no point keeping stuff I don't use.

Oh boy, did I have shoes! My prescious kept piling up, we were jumping over a growing mountain of shoes.. Luckely my man loves me, because this looked a bit insane. When they were all out of the dark, I counted 41 pairs of high heels! I ended up keeping 32 of them.. 8 of them which I got on my first trip to the US, 7 which I got during the last year and 4 that belonged to my beloved grandmother. With the 13 that's left, I declare myself insane in the moment of action!

Have you had a peek in your shoe closet lately? No telling what lost riches is lurking in the dark, dusty corners of the closet.. Take it from a shoeholic;)

Black beauties
Last time worn on New Years. Standing in a pond of water, trying to do some plumbing on the toilet..

Worn on my birthday last year. I tripped in a tram line, hurt my thumb and walked barefoot home!

Golden dreams

I got married in these! My favourite shoes, all worn down.. You can even see my toe prints in the varnish!

Bought in Las Vegas. Used for my domina costume for a play, on our kick off at work.. Office peep!

Drunk and bicycling, do not recommend! I fell and had to stitch them back together:/
Love red shoes

My NYC pair. They were working their magic on me from the shelf and still are! From the shelf..

Belonged to my grandma'! They remind me of my very first pair, which I got from her when I was around 6 years old..