Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Year Wedding Anniversary..

One whole year since we walked up the floor at the Little White Wedding Chappel in Las Vegas, and sealed our sweet love with a kiss and a ring!!;)

One year allready, gone so fast, yet so much has happened. Most of the pieces of the puzzle has fallen into place when it comes to work and school for my love, and a life together here in Norway.

Mmmmm If we can just get an appartment at the appartment house we're trying to get into, I will howl of joy, run around in our 17 suare meter appartment and dance on the table like a crazy nut!;D haha

(So getting me ass of ma computer to celebrate)...


Las Vegas, city of sin, hope and rock'n'roll (photo by me)

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas (photo by me)

Elisabeth Taylor in the movie "Father Of The bride"

"Circus Ballerina" (photo by me)

"Father Of The Bride"

Las Vegas strip (photo by me)

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers in "Carefree"

View from the Eiffel Tower at the strip (photo by me)

Le cake;)

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on their wedding day

Las Vegas 28.2.2009

Rebeca Puebla's O So Twisted But Sexy Dolls;)

I came over these images surfing CGSociety and I couldn't help but getting drawn to them and all the great little details of the pictures! I simply love the old, classic pin up style to them:) I can't wait to see her next ones out..!! Rebeca Puebla is an freelance 3D character artist situated in Madrid, Spain.

"These characters are a personal project and is the first two in a serie of cute and sexy dolls called "Twisted Dolls" with a cartoon and realistic style based in the pin up, fetish and sado culture".

"Mistress Lili"

Vavavooooom what a waist;)

I simply love the sexy details of the stockings and the shoes here, and the tattoo peeking through the stockings.. Even a small beauty mark on her leg. A great mix of the realistic and a cartoon character. 

"The Butcher's Bride"

Perfect, lil', red shoes

Love the detailed, symbolic tattoos on her body..

Beautifully detailed, classic tattoos..:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Land Ladies from Hell, Tripple Shifts and a Funeral..

Life has been more than busy for me here lately.. Having the whole appartment search, trying to decide wether or not to move. While thinking it over, we are dealing with the land ladies here, two sisters. One wants to raise the rent by 1/3 if we decide to stay, that's after she at first wanted us to move. She think the place is too small for two, nothing she really can decide, as the law is clear on that part. But the contract has to be renewed 1. of April, so she can pretty much do as she pleases.. In the middle of dealing with that I received a letter from the other sister, wanting to raise the rent slightly since there has been some more expenses on the property this winter.. Don't think it's even leagel! Like I'm paying anything more for what we had to go through here this winter.. Chopping out big holes in our walls and the heater not working properly.. I told her what I thought and that the rent will be raised in April anyway.. Seems like the comunication between them two is next to nothing, and their business skills..

Last week was quite on the insane side..! Went through trippel shifts at work and a funeral on Thursday, a close revlative died. My moms cousin, we have been quite a bit with them over the years. Not an eye was dry at the reception, even my love was sitting and crying, though he only met him once. It's just the whole situation I think. He got the message that he has cancer a week before he died, he passed away 62 years old. Still a young old man, too early to go.. Seeing those who is left behind and their pain is really the most difficult part about it all I think.. His three sons, where the two youngest is still in their 20's, and his wife.. Life is such a fragile gift. It's a real reminder to make the most out of it while you actually have it!

At the end of the week I felt totally knocked out, mentally and fysically exhausted. I capitulated on the sofa with a beer in one hand, the remote in the other and a bowl of chips.. Hahah Knock out after 5 beer!extremely effective sedation.. Very needed;)

On the good side, my love has got a vacancy for Map Google!! He starts working this month, I'm so happy for him:) He also got back to norwegian classes this month. Finally things are moving in the right direction a little faster! Things will get easier and it's a great for him to have something more to do than cleaning dishes and making dinner.. Hmmm though I have to admit, I will miss my house husband:)

Who wouldn't want one of these?  I mean the ironing board..

The 4 bottles of life

Good instructions

And sedate yourself when needed;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fascinating Lady;)

I can't help being other than utterly fascinated by Lady GaGa! I love all her crazy, jawdropping, little outfits!!:) Or should I say costumes? I think it's great that there is someone in the entertainment industry like her, she doesn't seem to give a f*** about what other people think about her, like a fresh breeze through Hollywood you ask me!;) Mmmmm... And why should she, she's a walking piece of art and I hope she keeps on expressing herself artisticly through her clothes.. She never stops surprising, she provokes and create reactions, ranging through the whole spectra, from love to hate. That's the beauty of it, she's art. No wonder she's the new muse in fashion.. Who cares if she's man, woman or both!? She's herself and that's plenty enough. Beautiful, fun, perfect and creative insanity! Me love <3

Amazing thunderbolt hat and sparkling outfit at the Grammy's 2010

Her outta-this-world red carpet outfit at the Grammy's 2010

St. GaGa, stunning! Love this red piece..
Performing at the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010 fashion show.

Dusty, rococo, zombie vibes..
Receiving StyleMaker Award, presented by Marc Jacobs 2009.

Cute, little number of a bubble dress!

Veiled bunny

One of her five outfits at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York..

Perky, disco ball outfit!
Worn at a concert in LA, December 2009.

Lady GaGa visiting London in December 2009.
Reindeer fashion for the holidays..

One of GaGa's hair hats, love'em or hate'em!

You have to kiss a few frogs..

GaGa Mouse!
(From her music video Paparazzi).