Friday, October 30, 2009

Marie Antoinette in tha house!

Yuuuuuuppiiiiii!!! My costume finally arrived yesterday, turning out the tracking number was never scanned by the post, which explains why I couldn't find it on the tracking site.. Joy! Ballerina out the window, Marie Antoinette is slashed, bashed and diced but O so ready to partey;) Watch out you good folks..!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Delivery from the darkside..

Yeeeaaaaahhiii!! They'r finally here!!! Our Halloween props made it over the pound:) Hhaha CAN'T wait to put 'em up!!!!! Horrific!!

A few items from our goodybag of evil;) It will give you an idea of the final result, in wait for the pics...

Sign for the kitchen

A big toe for our fore drink


What's cooking in the oven..?

Ballerina moods

I was never one of those girls who wanted to be a ballerina as a kid, I was more of a tomboy climbing trees and getting dirty.. It's a bit ironic to me to dress up as a ballerina as it was never in my dreams, but a bloody ballerina feel like a good option though;) haha Hmmm come to think about it, I like to do pirouettes and ballerina moves on the floor when I'm in the mood, maybe I do have a little ballerina in me after all...

Russian ballerina, Maximova.

"The Ballerina" Driftwood Dreams Gallery.


Ballerina, Marina Franca.

RazorBladeKisses - Ballerina.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plan B!

Three days till Halloween and my costume is still not here! Arrrrgh!! I thought that two weeks would be plenty of enough time to get it shipped over.. Guess not. Blah! Well, over to plan B! I've decided to go as a dead ballerina if my costume doesn't arrive till Saturday. I'll use my white petticoats and I'll get some ribbons to wrap around my legs.. White skin and hair, doll makeup and a gory slashed up neck wound, with drrrrrripping blood!! Killed by one of the other ballerinas at the opera, because I did the pirouette better;) ahha

Went on some more halloween shopping yesterday, got some red paint and have started the signs we're gonna put up:) In the meanwhile, I hope we don't scare the neighbores away.. HELLCOME to our neighborhood! giggle Little Sam is done and looks creepingly alive... Our own grusome, little Sam to greet the guests! With a big, bloody knife. Trick or treat! Toilet monster is all set and the our lovely, lil' mansion is coming nicely together. As if I ever had any doubts;)

Ps: Pictures will come!

Kisses from Devilla

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gholish Delights and Toilet Demons...

I just love these creepy spider cupcakes from Martha Stewart!! Gotta have'em for our Halloween table this year!!!:D Easy made and just perfect for our cabinet!! Can't wait to see our guests expression when they see them, probably a couple that will skip the dessert... More for me. Moooahhahahha! The ladies' fingers are just awsome, but I think they will have to wait till next year as it seems to be a bit more work with them... I never claimed to be a super house wife with the baking bowl in one hand and my husbands slippers in the other. One baking project is enough for this gal';)

Our Cabinet Of Death is slowly coming together. My man is working on half a dousin little projects, gholish looking creatures lying around waiting for being put up. In the meanwhile it looks like a slaughter house in here. We have a couple of legs sticking out by the entrance door, making my mom run to the toilet everytime she stops by.. Hhaha Promising. For the longest time I froze every time I saw them, even I knew they were there and made of cardboard. They look so real, wearing my husband's trousers and shoes... O darlin', are you..? Quite bizzare. Also we have a horrifying, demon looking creature guarding our door, waiting to be put up in the toilet. We decided to wait till the longest with that one, as we're not quite sure how the neighbour will react to a demon leaning over the toilet, as she takes a pee in the middle of the night... Hhahahhaa

Saturday we turned the boxes at the second hand store upside down in the search for a cute baby costme for our little Halloween ghoul Sam. After searching the boxes in and out, we finally found the perfect little outfit that we had in mind. Very childish and inocent looking, but simple:) Now we just need to find him a weapon. At first we were thinking of a knife, we also have been concidering a broken popcicle (like in the movie), or a small toy chainsaw that we found in the store on Saturday.. haha What ever we go for, I think they all will look really cool together with the bloody trick or treat bag!!;) Our little monster trick or treater!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dark'n'Sweet - Halloween art

I really adore the dark and sweet little fairies and allmost doll looking fairytale caracters made by the artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. The mix of dark and inocent to them makes them just irresistable, like sugar coated cupcakes;) I had the hardest time to pick out just a few as I like so many of them, I added a few that had that sweet Halloween feel to them..

 Sleeping Beauty..? "Sleeping With Spiderwebs"

"Ghost Of The Pumpkin Patch"

"Little Red Riding hood"

The trick 'r treaters you want on your door? "Out Trick-Or-Treating".

"Pumpkin Pixie"

"A Pumpkin Gift"

"Cemetery Mist"

"Halloween Cupcakes"

Batgirl and goblins.. "Night Over Notre Dame".

"Dark Procession"

This sweet, little trick or treater "Beau Bunny Bandito" is made by Donna Courtney and can be found at The Decorated House on Etsy. I love the vintage touch to it!!

I found this scary little pumpkin dude "Halloween"at Deviant Art made by Magpie7. Reminds me somewhat of the deviouse Halloween spirit Sam, in Trick'r Treat..

Isn't this great!? I totally love the colors, the inocent touch to it, the scull flowers and ghost balloons.. And the little vampire boy is just awsome!! You can find "A Halloween Portrait" and more at Tara Mc

Boooooo!!! Gray Spooky Ghost at Luminous Dream Designs.

And last but not least, I couldn't resist these twisted little cakes... Want a bite? Go to Goody Goody Gumdrops to find it;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lavish Halloween Makeup!!

I've been looking around for some cool Halloween makeup and found these three styles that I would love to try out!! I also found Makeup Styles, a blog that shows you how to get the look that you want to achive. Worth a try you ask me! What about teaming up with a friend if you're not too steady with the brushes;)

I love the flowers over the face... Think I'll have to try this one out for my Marie Antoinette costume this year;) A bit different than everything I've seen so far. Reminds me a bit of the Mexican Day Of The Dead masks.. Mysterious and beautiful...

Heidi Klum as a cat, lovely makeup that I'd like to copy! Puuuurrrrrfect for next year;)

I think this could be an awsome zombie makeup if added some gory effects to it! It could be so beautiful and terrifying;) Brrrrrr!! Goosebumps!

Seasonal horror...

We had a gory movie night yesterday with the rather disturbing Rob Zombie movie House Of 1000 Corpses and a large bowl of popcorn. No more nightmares, strangly enough.. Maybe I'm adjusting to my new surroundings? Or maybe my surroundings just seemed some what "normal" after the disturbing images in the movie. Never the less, a great movie to warm up for Halloween with;) It was my beloved husband that introduced me to it, I can't believe that I've missed out on this movie! Horrifying story, twisted and disturbing!! I really loved the wicked dollheads, I'm thinking how easy it would be to make and how great they would be for any disturbing dsiplay.. Also thought that the murder ride was totally rad.. hahhah A little harder to copy though. Maybe I should get myself a haunted house;) Moooohahahah

Also we watched Trick 'r Treat a couple of weeks ago, an other great Halloween story! I love the little Halloween spirit Sam. The combination of the babysuit and the horrible creature that he is makes him all the more scary! It was after watching this movie we decided to make a little Trick r' Treater Sam of our own this Halloween. With a twist, our Sam will have a wicked clown mask instead of the mask he is wearing in the movie. We'll have him by the coats, greeting the guests as they come in... With a bloody trick or treat bag in one hand and a knife in the other:) Cute!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning coffee and sculls

O isn't it just lovely to wake up and have your first morning coffee, by a scull decorated table and surf the world for gory props and ideas? Which by the way resulted in an other horrifying dream last night.. What you say about being chased by a bunch of madmen and a set of vintage fake teeth? And a wild car chase to top it with!? Every time I woke up, I could swear that the monster in the corner was alive.. In the morning light, I could see that my "monster" was indeed our wintercoats and not so much alive.. Scary monster. Sounds just like an other Halloween nightmare to me. Hmmm ask me in 10 days time, maybe I'm not so cocky about it by then..

O joy, only 10 days left!! Exciiited! Yet a bit nervous for my costume:/ I couldn't see that it was sent with the tracking number I was given.. Which gives me a bit of a bad feeling.. Crossing legs, fingers, hair and toes and pretty much everything else I got!!! In the mean while I'll occupy my worried mind with some more satisfying issues. Like which haunted house to chose for our wall decor. I've decided to print out a few pictures (found at Photobucket) of haunted houses to hang on the wall over our family photos, maybe a grave yard or two to go with it! I think it will add that extra spooky feel to our Cabinet Of Death...

A few haunted places that I have in mind... Be aware;)

Our private family graveyard in the backyard

Night at the mansion..

Our guests last year..

Frontyard decor..?

Those summers in the south..

Cousin Victoria paying a visit..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette's resurrection..

After hours on internet searching for a cool costume, I decided to go for a sassy Marie Antoinette costume this year with loats of petticoat sticking out underneath! I think it will look just GRRRRREAT with a slashed throat, white powdered skin and doll makeup, a big powdered wig with flowers and feathers. My horror now is that I bought all the bits and pieces at different sites, I'm crossing legs and fingers for them to arrive before the big day!! If not... Guess I'll have to go wild in the closet and see what I turn out as. As we're speaking, my dear man is laying his final touch on a small giljotin model, that I'm sure will be the party favourite this year! hahah

Costume from ebay Now Discount Shoes

White, teardrop petticoat from ebay Gotlingerie

White ruffle panty from ebay Laceville

Haunting family portraits...

A few of our family portraits for the season.. Who said you can't choose your family? I'll add some pictures later to show you the final result of our upgrade of the mansion;)