Monday, December 22, 2014


We have a small forest area behind our barn, with some very tall, thin and old pine trees.. I love this little forest area. It's not only nice to look at and give you that living-close-to-nature-on the-country-side-feel, but also give us a bit protection from the autumn- and winter storms.

That's till the old trees started to fall over, in the very same storms. We had a number of trees falling last year, including a massive, tall and healthy one, tearing down a couple of thinner ones. We started out this year, with two trees falling. Like tiny tooth picks in the wind. It was just pure luck, that prevented any of them from hitting our 73' Oldsmobile Toronado, or our veteran camper for that matter.. We've been talking about chopping a few of the weaker trees, for some time now. But never got around to it. After severeal nights of poor sleep, with the storm howling around the corner. Watching the trees getting thrown forth and back, in the strong wind. Even having one more falling over. My love decided to take matters, in his own hands. As soon as we got home from work that day, he ran out there with the chainsaw and started chopping like a mad man on a mission. 

I could hear the noise from the chainsaw running, in our small forest. It went on for a while, before it suddenly got quiet. Soon after my love standing in the kitchen, with wild eyes and a pitch voice. "Didn't you hear me?" "I need help"... Oh-Oooooh. I wasn't sure what to expect, but from the look on his face I knew it wasn't good. As I walked out in the dark, winter evening, my suspiscions got confirmed. This huge pine tree, was leaning slightly to one side. But of course the wrong side. Towards our car tent and our winter car. Which just to make matters worse, we couldn't get started at the moment. No way we would be able to move the car. And no way the tree was going to fall any other way, than where it already was heading.. Total disaster waiting to happend! Tree was going down. And it did. With a bang. A load bang, may I add. On top of the car tent and the winter car.. And over the road that pass by our house! Oh my.. I probably looked like the lady in the Scream painting, by Munch as I was standing there with my mouth open. Forced to watch, as a useless bistander. As I ran over, I got a quick look at the damages. The tent got a bad dent and was flat like a pancake on one side. Our winter car miracelously survived, only with a tiny mark in the roof (Volvo 240. Solid cars. Not for no reason we call them tractors here). But that wasn't all. A big part of the tree, was blocking half of the road. I ran up the steep hill, towards the road. Had a quick look on both sides. Before I leaned over and like a female Hulk, grabbed the big tree top and pulled it over the fence to safety.

Later my love admitted, it was the first time he chopped a tree. Ya well, there's always a first. At least three of them went in the right direction..

Just an other day on the countryside, gotta love country living. What joy. What a thrill!

The winter sun, seen through our little land of forest..


  1. Yikes - that is a terrifying story. Your poor car tent.

    1. Hhaha I know, Lady M! I couldn't believe it, when that tree went down, right on top of it... :O How Lucky. Not. When ever we get some strong winds around here now, I fear that an other tree will fall down. So far so good though. Crossing fingers!


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