Monday, November 8, 2010

Scary Mary's Dazzling Undead Dude Poll

A poll for the scary guys out there.. Give a vote to your favourite undead dudes or monsters!! The list grew totally outta proportion when I was working with it and I know I would have problems with only choosing one favourite myself. I also know they're not all entirely undead, but what the heck! I think they're monsterous enough, so I didn't have the heart to leave them out;) Solution to the "problem";  I enabled multiple answers! I've tried to flavour it up with one for every taste, but if there's someone special that I forgot.. Leave me a scream and I'll add him too! Polls close at the end of the month, 30.11. Till then, enjoy some photos of the dazzling undead dudes;)

Frankenstein's Monster

Edward Scissorhands


Count Dracula

The Wolf Man

The Phantom Of The Opera


The Crow

(Photos found via Google)


  1. Nosferatu! F. W. Murnau and Max Schreck were way ahead of their time in creating a truly creepy atmospheric film, all that with no spoken dialogue!

  2. I agree! I guess it show's how little the dialog really means when you'r good at the other ingredients;) I can imagine it must have been quite a scare for people back then..

  3. fantastic pictures,like horror films
    congratulations for your blog!!

  4. Thanks, Darko;) Glad you like!! Horror movies and sci-fi is my absolute favourite!


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