Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Los Lobos

Yay!! Guess what, I'm a very happy girl reporting back to you guys:) My little trip to Los Lobos on Thursday went really well! She loved all of my creations and will be taking all my hair pieces in and some of the jewelery to start with. So happy, scared and excited at the same time! Somehow it feels like it's less responsibility to only have my own store to worry about. Now I have an obligation to deliver to someone else..

But it feels HELL so good:D For those who don't know the shop, it's a really popular rockabilly/retro shop in the heart of Grünerløkka. A vibrant and young part of town. They have many regular costumers, with people passing by and popping in every day. It will be a great place to not only sell my creations, but also get some exposure. I'll just have to concentrate on making and the creative prosess of it for now. One step at the time, I'll get all the pieces in the puzzle together in making my store and my brand! Excited, to say the least!!

Hopefully you can see my creations, among the other yummi goodies they've got on Los Lobos, in not too long;)





  1. Oi, så gøy! Gratulerer så mye :DD

  2. Gratulerer! Når kan vi vente de i butikken? :)

  3. OH the place looks so cool. It is has all sorts of nooks. I wish you luck. Hand made are the best because each is unique and each comes from the time, efforts and heart it takes to make them!

  4. Tusen takk, Rakel:) Litt usikker på akkurat når selv, men regner med at det ikke blir altfor lenge til! Planen er å lage noen fler, før jeg tar de med til Los Lobos. Må lage noen uten fugler også, men har hatt litt vanskelig for å ikke sette fugl i de så langt, de er så søte:) Hahha

  5. Yeah, it's a really cool, little shop!!:) Lot's of nice retro stuff! Thanks a lot for your sweet words, bluezy:))) I think that's the great thing with handmade too, not one is exactly the same! Crossing fingers and toes, for this working out..


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