Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Halloween

*Sigh* heartbreak and some more heartbreak.. I've pushed everything about Halloween as far back in my head as I can, over the last few weeks.. Boxed it up in a hidden place inside my brain. Also the reason why I haven't been writing about it. But what to do, it still comes popping up, like a clown in a box. Especially now we're getting closer and all I see around me is Halloween. The smell in the air and the leaves turning yellow, everything reminds me of my favourite holiday.

The reason to my heartbreak is that we decided not to have any Halloween party this year, due to all the work around the moving. And not to mention the money that's been flying out.. We will still celebrate, but maybe do something different.. Different can be good, but not sure how happy I'm about it right now. It feels a bit like we canceled Halloween. We should be busy building monsters right now!! No wonder I feel outta place.. Mmmm grrrr!

In the meanwhile we are rolling thumbs and contemplating going to Oslo Rock City Jamboree. A rock festival in down town Oslo with burlesque, concerts, shows, tattooing and other goodies going on! They also throw a halloween party!! Sounds like a bunch of fun and it might be a good idea. Our second option is to have a small party at home, reusing some old props and not going too crazy on the decor. But that's no fun. That's why we decided to drop it all together in the first place... *Rolling thumbs* Hopefully we'll decide before the big night!

What is your plans?:)

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  1. I took last year off, and while I had many concerns about it (and it was weird), it was also nice. I DID still decorate, but instead of going whole hog and making anything new, I simply brought out my favourite decorations. This helped soothe the Halloween soul.

    Go to some big festivity this year and whoop it up!

  2. I took last year off also. I had surgery on October 4th last year and my husband was in a motorcycle accident on the 22nd so we gave out candy, I put out a fogger and a couple of tombstones and we went to bed at 9:30. It was kind of a bummer. This year I'm going ALL OUT. I come home from work and build every day. I'm enjoying this year so much.

    I think you'll find that next year's Hallowe'en festivities will be much more fun after a year off...

  3. Yeah, I guess you are both right..! I might actually enjoy the whole different, at least when the weirdness wears off a bit;) We are seriously considering going to the Jamboree thing, I think we could have a ball!! I might look into the tickets tomorrow:) With weight on MIGHT Hahha

    Sounds like you managed to make a bit Halloween outta it even if you didn't go all bananas on the decor, GF:) If we end up not going anywhere, that's probably what we'll do too!!

    I'm sorry to hear that your husband was in a motor cycle accident, Faith! I hope he's doing better now:) I'd say it's pretty impressing, you guys didn't give it up all together that year, after going through all that.. Makes my moving sound like a bad excuse! Hope you'll have one hell of a Halloween this time around;D

  4. Synd å høre om Halloween. Håper dere får en fin feiring for det!

    SV: Tusen takk! :) Hils!

  5. Tusen takk, søte;) Det blir sikkert veldig bra uansett hvordan vi feirer (prøver jeg å si til meg selv)!! Bare litt rart når det ikke er noen monstre under produksjon osv.. Hmmm kommer sikkert til å få abstinenser utpå vinteren en gang, med full monsterbygging;) ahaha

    Det skal jeg gjøre, love hilser tilbake!!


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