Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exciting Times

Still struggeling to get well from my cold.. Usually it takes about a week to get it out of the system, but it seems to take a little longer this time. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by the end of this week.. I have too many things going on to be sick! A bit hard to time I guess, but it always seems to come when it's most inconvenient..

Most of the little energy I have left, has gone into working out the details around my internet shops and brand. I've also been ordering some more flowers and jewelery parts, for my summer creations. I got my paws on some lovely items, I can't wait to get them home and get started on it!!

I will be meeting up with my good friend Melissa, from Ideas To Steal next week. She will be helping me with the design of the shops and some details around it, SO looking forward to that:)

Today I'll be heading up to Los Lobos, crossing fingers and toes! Very exciting times indeed.. So, no time to be sick around here!! (Do you hear me, body)?



  1. Poo! Being sick drives me nuts because I just stew about all the productive things I could be doing. Feel better soon, Scary Mary!

  2. Thanks Andrea, really hope so!! The sooner the better:) O, and couldn't agree more, it's really frustrating!


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