Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Left Overs

Saturday I started the big clean up in the Dead Sailors Inn, after our pirate party. It's very nice to be able to close the door to the mess, when the party is over. With a vague plan to clean it up later. Sometime, at some point. Some other day. Not so nice anymore, when that day arrives. Nothing in there is like good wine, that gets better as time goes by. On the contrary.

Armed with several plastic bags, kitchen paper and Jif spray, I went into the hazard zone. After opening the big barn door, hitting the light switch and letting my eyes adjust to the poor light, from the door and a couple of lamps. The sight of last weeks fun hit me, like a sad smack in the face. Tonns of empty bottles, shot glasses, wine- and champagne glasses, all with sticky, squishy left overs on the bottom. Stinking ashtrays, with old sigarette buds falling over the edges. Broken glass, wine corks, bottle tops. A sweater in a corner, scarf, a chinese parasoll. And a bit on the wild side: nipple pasties and a pile of corsets.. We. *Eeehm* I, were going to "dance burlesque", instructed by my burlesque dancing friend. one of those great ideas, that usually forms at the late side of a party. But decided not to, in a moment of clearness.. Thank Godzilla!

Every item being a reminder, of something that happened that night. A bit of giggeling and "Ooooh's", as I went through it all. Almost like re-living the whole party, just on fast forward.

Oh, and of all odd things, the strangest must be; a shoe heel! So if someone is missing
 a shoe heel, please contact the gobblin at the information desk.

Must clean with style..

Information desk goblin..


  1. Ha, Ha - sounds like a great party. You must have had a lot of fun. Your friends sound like a lively group of folks.

    1. Hahah yes, I would say so! Absolutely a lively group of people :) It was just awsome.. One of the best parties we've had out there. Lets hope next year will be just as good. I've already started to think about it. Have to find a good theme..


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