Friday, June 24, 2011

Midsummers Eve

The night is nothing more than a two hours dawn here at the moment. It never gets really dark these days.. The sky has a beautiful dusk blue color with brighter, bluish grey, cotton looking clouds gliding over it.

The 21.June was the lightest day of the year for us living in the nothern hemisphere. Today, 23. June we are celebrating Midsummers Eve, or Sankthans as we call it in Norway. It is an old tradition and celebration, that dates back to the viking times with offerings. In later times the church changed it into a Christian celebration, celebrating St John the Baptist.

In Norway we celebrate Midsummers eve with small and big bonfires, music, food and partying that lasts all through the night. That's if we get the next day off.. We're not as lucky as the swedish, where the day is a national holiday. Some places in Norway they even throw paper withces on the fire. In old days, they thought it would keep the withces and bad spirits away!

This year me and my love will be heading out to visit Miss Lindy Lee and her man. They're having a moving in party, as well as a Midummers Eve party. Crossing fingers for nice weather and no rain, so we can dance naked around the swedish Midsummer Pole and wear flowers in our hair;) All according to swedish traditions.. *Cough* ya, maybe not the naked part. Skip the naked thing, but we'll have flowers!

Midsummers Eve 2010 in Oslo

Midsummers Eve bonfire

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