Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summers of The Past

A poem for the summers of the past, this summer and all the summers to come.. One day we might look back at them with longing and remember the people, the smells and the sweet moments that fills our memories..

Like the author of this poem, I look back at those uncomplicated years of my childhood, where everything was new and exciting and was just waiting to get discovered.. Where I lived every day in the moment and day dreamed of the adventures to come. I think one of the hardest things in life is to hold on to this feeling of uncomplicated joy as years and the sometimes harsh reality of life passes by.. But you know what, I refuse to let go.

What is your childhood summer memories?

Smile by Raceytay

Summer 1969

Sometimes when evening falls too soon
And years slip by too fast,
I shake the autumn from my hair
And dream of summers past.

How I miss the warming breeze
Which lingered dusk to dawn
And carried with it sweet perfume
From someone's new-mowed lawn.

When Olli olli oxen free!
Rang out from vacant schools,
And Marco Polo! ruled the night
From depths of heated pools.

The fireflies wove careless paths
Among the wishing stars,
And magic sparkled within reach
To keep in jelly jars.

With worn transistor radios,
Through darkened streets we'd stroll
And seek out footprints on the moon
While humming Rock n' Roll.

Oh! how I wish I could return
To wish upon a star,
Or catch one fleeting summer night
And keep it in a jar.

~ by Kendra Allen

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