Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Reality..

Oooops there goes gravity!! Hope you all are well:) We're back from two wonderful weeks of sun and fun on the beautiful island of Crete! Still in a haze after coming home early this morning and sleeping in all weird and uncomfortable positions on the airplane. Also our flight were one hour delayed, in a very tiny airport full of unpatient tourists.

We had an amazing time, met lots of lovely people, made new friends and saw some old, enjoyed the sea and sun, travelled and discovered. But honestly it feels ok to be home again. I'm not sure if I'd survive an other week of partying, heavy greek restaurant food, raki greek moonshine, made of the vaste from the wine making that they serve at the end of every meal lol.

Like they say; The best part about traveling is coming home. It just feels so true right now.. Though I'm sure I'll miss it all in a couple of days;)

I'll be posting some photos from our trip, as soon as I've got them sorted! How's your summer so far?

Ps: Shocker; I even got a bit tanned in the end..

Rocking on Rock House in Platanias

One of the gorgeous flowers from the botanical garden on Crete

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