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Welcome to my world of wonderful, vintage inspired fascinators and jewelery:) Have a look around and please let me know if I can help you with something!

For many years I've had a dream of expressing myself creatively. But with a busy life and also having my studies to tend to, I didn't have time to sit down and collect my thoughts about it. More important; to find out what, how and where to start. That was till last year..

I've had an idea of wanting to do jeweleries and fascinators for some years. I started searching internet for quality materials to use in my creations. Which has been very important to me from the start. I don't want to make something that fade, but rather get more beautiful as time passes by..

I'm still in the prosess of making my brand and creating my Darlins'. Please be patient, an internet shop is under construction. With a bit of luck and hard work, soon you might find my creations in a shop near you;)

Update 24/5-2011: You can now get my Darlins' on fabelous Los Lobos, on Grünerløkka in Oslo (Norway)!!

♥ Many of my fascinators and jewelery pieces are made with a mix between new and vintage items. Which I think adds a wonderful and nostalgic feeling of history to them! It also makes every creation quite special and exclusive, as I in most cases won't be able to make many of each. Since most of them are made with vintage items and it usually only excists a few of each, it limits it's self. Sometimes it will even be a one of a kind!

♥ In my fascinators you will often find handmade vintage flowers and berries, from occupied Japan and mid century Germany. Mixed in with newer flowers and made into adorable, small bouquets! I also have a passion for small birdies, which you will find in many of my hair pieces.

♥ Most of the materials in my jewelries are nickle free and made of pure materials, like 100% brass and bronze. Both materials that ages beautifully. I stribe to find good quality items for my jewelery and I want to make jewelery that ages with grace, rather than making something that won't last with time. It's nothing sader than when your favourite jewelery fades away.. I don't want my customers to feel like they "bought the cat in the bag", as we say in Norway. I want my customers to wear my jewelery with pride for many years to come and feel that they own something special.

♥ They are created in my tiny loft appartment, by my work table. In a clean, pet- and smoke free environment. Sometimes in the flickr of candles, moon beams and smell of warm coffee. Other times with the glowing sun rays reaching in from above and the sound of sweet bird trills coming from the big, old chestnut tree right outside my window.

♥ Several hours and a lot of precision is put into making every one of my Darlins'. Since they are handmade, you will always find small variations and not one is exactly the same.

♥ All my creations is made with love, passion and a pinch of deviousness and dreamy fairy tale...

Thanks for visiting and please don't hessitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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"Midnight Rose" Birds Nest Fascinator

 "Midnight Rose" Birds Nest Fascinator





"Cherry Flower" Birds Nest Fascinator

"Cherry Tree" Birds Nest Fascinator

White Lily "Jungle Beauty"

Pink Lily"Jungle Beauty"

"Buttercup" Birds Nest Fascinator

Peek-a-boo Hawaiian Birds Nest

"Magnolian Dream" Birds Nest Fascinator

"Magnolian Dream" Birds Nest Fascinator

"Crow Woman" Fascinator Top Hat

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