Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tags & Wrapping

My company stamps finally dumped down the mailbox today:) Yeahiiii!! Things are really starting to get together! I'm just waiting for the product tags now, then I'm ready for business!! So exciiiiited, not sure what to do with myself. Trying to keep it together, but on the inside it's all bubbling and steaming. Keeping me awake and making it hard to sleep at night.

At work 'm all jawning and in a bit of a haze, even dobble espressos doesn't get through to me right now! lol What to do, what to do.. Think my mind is just working on high gear and I'm overloading myself with creative ideas. Ideas, create more ideas.. Like a growing plant out of control, with its tentacles everywhere, if you know what I mean?

Not sure how my man is coping with me at the moment. I feel like a teenager in love! With my company. Hahha

Some photos of the wrapping for my creations.. Check out my Devious Darlins' facebook page for more updates!



  1. Dette ser superbra ut, gjennomført hele veien altså :) Gleder meg til å prøve en fugleblomst ;)

  2. Åååh så kult! Pratebobble-taggen var kjempefin! Du er så flink kvinne!! Du fortjener all suksess, det her blir så bra vettu! Skjønner at det bobbler i magan, mye som skjer! ;)

  3. They are beautiful.
    I found this link of Scary animated gif pictures and who do you think I thought of? LOL
    It is an entire library from funerella

  4. Thanks for all the nice words, girls!! It's really wonderful to get positive feedback on what I'm doing! It confirms that I'm doing something right;)

    Miss Margarita: Åååå gleder meg sånn til de er ute i butikken! Ikke lenge igjen til du kan løpe og prøve nå;)

    Miss Lindy Lee: Ikke sant de var søte, falt pladask for de og bare MÅTTE ha de!!:) Venter på flere tags som skal komme. Posten er bare fantastisk treige noen ganger! Tusen takk for go'ordene, søta!!

    Bluezy: Hhaha of course!!;) Nice stuff, will have to snoop around a bit there. Especially before next Halloween.. To get that right homy feel to my blog;)

  5. Your tags are so chic! Have a sweet day!

  6. Thanks, Torie Jayne!!;) Wish you a wonderful day too!


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