Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In a Shop Near You

I delivered my creations to Los Lobos last Friday!! I've been working to reach this moment for some time now, and a lot of time and effort has been put into it.. It feels wonderful to finally have my stuff out there and available. Birds to the people!

I walked up there, to put the display up after work yesterday. After searching half the town for some nice branches to put my birdies on, I started to give up the idea of finding the kind I was looking for. I thought I'd have to go for plan B, my "Halloween branches". The ones I have in storage, that I pull out every Halloween, to hang bats and spiders on.. But as I walked up there, I decided to pop into this last flower shop that I passed by. And kiss my lucky star! He had two left from Christmas of the exact same kind I was searching for. Not only that, he gave them to me for free:) When it looks like all hope is out and so on..

Long story short, display is now up and I love the way it turned out!! Just like I had imagined! I forgot my camera at home, so I had to document it with my mobile phone. The colors is a little off and they're not as sharp as I could wish, but you get a little peek on how it looks. If you're in the area, go have a look;)

Also I received a wonderful review from Miss Margarita on her blogg, a couple of days ago! Thanks sweetheart!!





  1. Bare hyggelig søta! :) Syns du er så utrolig flink som får til alt dette at du aner ikke!! :D

  2. Aaawww!! Tusen takk, søte dere:)))

    *Clapping hands too*;D

    Takk for go'ordene Miss Margarita;) Det er utrolig koselig å høre!!

  3. Hooray! I take some time off, and come back to discover you've become a bonafide fashion designer! Congrats :) Be sure to enjoy such a tremendous accomplishment!

  4. Hhahaha thanks GF!! Crazy how life twist and turn sometimes:) It feels wonderful to have my creations in an actual shop!! Taking a day at the time, having fun with it and crossing fingers for the future;) Glad to have you back by the way, I've been missing your updates on life, projects and wicked black humour!!


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