Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magical Scenery

I was laying at the sofa with long limbs stretched out and my feet up high, after an other miles long day at work. Zapping between channels, but only boring reality shows and sports to watch. I have to admit I don't watch sports much, I just find it really boring and I'm picky. It has to be the right kinda sports. Reality can be fun, but not all reality and certainly not too much of it..

In my boredom I gazed out of the window and discovered this beautiful view. An almost full moon traveling over a night blue sky. A few clouds and some twisted branches, set the perfect back drop to a goulish and magical scenery.. Can not help but to LOVE our new livingroom view:)

Isn't it beautiful?



  1. Your new place keeps revealing itself to be better and better ;)

  2. Yeps, it does!! The view from the garden is really beautiful too, some of the same, but with hanging branches:) Back in town, we could barely see the stars, here we can see them all! Love it!

  3. This is my favorite kind of view! So relaxing and serene. You should try to listen to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" at the same time as you look at the full moon sometime - total bliss...

  4. Mmmmmmrrrr sounds wonderful, I'll definitely have to try that;)


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