Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Echooo - Anyone out there?

Hello old friends, long time no see:) I hope everyone is doing well! Summer came and summer went, my plans was to get back to the blog by the end of July at least.. But we can safely say that it didn't go as I planned, I just couldn't find the energy or peace of mind to sit down and write anything. My company was one thing, that really keeps me busy all the time, the second that we were about to move from our wee nest!! It felt veird, but so exciting at the same time! It had been my home for 8-9 years, which 2,5 of them was with my love. Of course it was going to feel strange. But wonderful at the same time. Wonderful to move on from the place and take the next step. A new chapter in my life, in our life!

When I'm writing today, I'm sitting in our new living room which is double the size of our old appartment, imagine. I know, I still have to pinch my arm to believe it;) It feels wonderful and we have been so lucky to find this lovely appartment, to an affordable price! It feels perfect for us right now and things couldn't be better!! Being a interior nut and an esthetician, I've kept myself busy thinking out what and how to arrange and furnish our new nest. We still have some work ahead of us, but it's getting there!

A bit of our living room (we have a living room!! Pinch!)


  1. That sure is a comfy looking chair. -_-

  2. Thanks;) Ya, very comfortable!! Have to have a couple of those!

  3. I was wondering where you'd gone off to! Welcome back and congrats and the new place with more space! You'll make it fabulous in no time.

  4. Hi GF, nice to hear from you:) I know, I was thinking of writing something to let people know that I'd be back. But that was just the problem. Couldn't get myself to sit down and write.. lol well, back now. And most important; wanting to write!;) We are so happy with the new place! More space for retro and skulls, yay!!


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