Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Birthday Bash

I had a wonderful evening and celebration of my birthday at Midnight Burlesque, on Friday the 8th of April!! The show was amazing and so was the girls! The whole show was such an uplifting and feel good experience. Great humour, fantastic costumes and sexy ladies that came in all shapes and sizes. I don't think I've been laughing that much in a very long time!

It also made me think about how we girls are way too critical about our own apparance.. That we have to stop thinking we're not good enough, when we are beautiful just the way we are! We don't have to look a certain way. We are all born different, so why stribe to look the same? Or in some way that very few women on this planet look like naturally. Stop worrying about cellulites, dimples, too big this, too small that, wrong shape, too short or long or what ever.. I say live your life and be happy, either you're a small, medium or large. Always remember that you are beautiful and unique!

Besides isn't imperfect what makes us and life interesting? Just like the imperfect is way more perfect, than anything perfect can ever be..

What do you think?

A small peek on the show from Friday, all snagged from the internet this time.. I was too busy watching to get the camera out of the purse:) hahha

Ps: I'll be coming with some more photos of the costume, hair and evening in a later post;)







  1. There is just something about Burlesque that makes you feel good isn't there. I took my ex to a show on her Birthday last year, was great fun for all

  2. I think it's a wonderful way to celebrate someones birthday!! Good idea to take her:)

    I totally agree:) I know we will definitely be going again soon! Too bad this event is an annual one, we'll have to wait a whole year for an other one like it. But they do have some smaller ones going now and then, down town that we can tend to;)

  3. did you see the movie with cher and christina aquillera? it was nice to see cher acting again.
    as far as your a perfect world we accept how time carves lovely valleys and canyons on the far as humans we have a hard time with it, but it is nature as well.
    happy birthday!

  4. Love these pictures!

    And too right about body image. I struggled with anorexia since I was a little girl. I'd stop eating for days at a time, convince myself I was being stupid, eat again and get back to my normal weight, panic, and then do it all over again. Then I discovered pinup models and decided to scrap crash diets once and for all. Who needs a voice in the back of your head telling you you're not good enough?

    Every woman is beautiful and has the right to eat a donut. Period.

  5. I think you´re so right! we´re all perfectly imperfect the way we are, and if we all stopped for a moment just to live life instead of longing for something better, life would be better!:) thanks for sharing!r

  6. For en super kveld det var!! :) Mitt kamera ladet ut, så jeg har bare mobilbilder.. usjameg, det er en skam!
    Håper du hadde det fantastisk og at resten av kvelden også ble bra. Jeg hadde ikke sjangs til større festligheter dessverre :/

  7. Thanks Bluezy!! Yes, I saw the movie Burlesque, with Cher and Christina some time ago:) Wonderful feelgood movie, with stunning costumes and Christina's voice is just outta this world!! Cher is legendary;)

    I guess you're right.. But I still wish we would be able to see beyond everything we're supposed to be (and not) and accept ourselfs for what we are. Inside, and ouside:)

  8. I'm so happy to hear that you managed to turn around your unhealthy relation to food and your own body, LovelyPinup:) That's a great achivement!! And be able to see that you can be just as beautiful, no matter size:) No one needs that voice in their head and I totally agree, we're all beautiful, just the way we are!

  9. Thanks Renate!! I agree, I really think it would boost our life quality sky high and make us so much happier;)

  10. Ikke sant, helt fantastisk!! Så utrolig kjipt at kameraet ditt ladet ut, Miss Margarita:( Bra du hadde mobilen, men ikke helt samme tingen! Søstern tok bilder hele kvelden, skal prøve å få noen av henne.. Kvelden var veldig bra, tuslet hjem ved stengetider. Ble ikke noe nach, men var ikke egentlig noe stort savn. Særlig ikke dagen derpå;) Hahha Skjønner godt at det be tidlig kveld på deg, det var jo full fres natta før:)


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