Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living In a Swiss Cheese...

The last couple of weeks has been unbelievable cold! We've had temperatures down to -20 C/-4 F, and believe me that is COLD! Especially combined with an ice wind that seems to be blowing from north of Siberia..:/ I've been adding doubble and tripple layers of clothes so I won't freeze on my way to work, in other words not so happy for walking to work right now. Looking like wrinched up lemon, cuz I'm so concentrated on surviving.. ahha Mmmmm maybe I should get myself a little foldable bed under my desk?;) Guess I should feel "lucky" though.. Just outside town we've had temperatures much lower than this, like -30 C/- 22 F as a normal. I surrender, I give up, where's my summer?

Early Monday morning, I woke up to a very chillled, little loft appartment. I reached out to feel the radiator.. Ice cold! It usually happends every winter, but it couldn't have happend on a worse time than this!! Oslo feeling more like living in an ice box right now! Kitchen oven on full throttle, hoping I didn't have to get up to frosted windows.. Brrrrr!! So happy we live in one room, a few candles and the oven on keeps it warm:) haha

Turns out the burner in the basement had stopped working. Also one of the water pipes had bursed during the night, and of course they thought it might be at my place! Some where.. With no technical drawings, they didn't know where to look for the leakage and that some where proved hard to find:S Later on the same day, I got a phone call from my love, they had to make a hole in the wall.. One hole, two holes, three holes, four holes later, in walls, ceiling, even inside our closet and they still hadn't found the pipe!! And allmost ripped the floor up! Mighty chaotic in 17 square meters! I just had this ugly feeling it probably wasn't even in our place.. Grrrrr Turns out I was right.. They finally turned to the neighbores, which has been complaining about their kitchen cabinet being damp for a long time allready... Yeahiii for lazy care takers, ceap land ladies and plumbers with no technical drawings! Maybe they can make us a nice little balcony and a roof window while their at it, a few holes more..;)

Me wanna move..

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