Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lovely, Luscious Dark Art from Natalie Shau..

Natalie Shau has created an absolutely wonderful world of sugar coated, dark fairy tale creatures that my sweet thooth just couldn't resist;)  Gorgeous dark pieces, left me with a feeling that can only be described as love by first sight...

"Natalie Shau is an illustrator and photographer from Lithuania, currently living in Greece. Her works are mixture of her photography, digital painting and 3D elements. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, fragile and powerful at the same time. Natalie’s style was influenced a lot by religious imagery, fairytales illustrations and Russian classical literature such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol etc. Natalie Shau constantly keeps working on her own personal artwork and exhibitions, but also enjoys creating illustrations for music bands, fashion designers and writers. Her illustrations for Lydia Courteille jewelry campaign were published in french VOGUE magazine."

Here's some of my favourite pieces for you on the second day of the year, enjoy;)

"Black Celebration"


"The Messenger"

"Black Widow"

 "Catacomb Kittens"



"Carousel for Birthday"





  1. Really impressed with "Black Celebration" and "Carmine".

    Black Celebration makes me want to create an entire theme based on classy skulls.

  2. Black Celebration is such a beautiful piece.. Mystical and dark. I Love the decoration on her face, like the mexican dead the religious aspect to it and sculls.. Quite inspiering indeed;) Sounds like a great idea there, you should! Hmmm While surfing her pieces I even found someone that had this one as a tattoo on their arm! I have to say though, as allways it was difficult to pick out only a few pieces, all so wonderful:)


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