Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cyberlove by first sight, part 2 <3

The second part of an impossible possible true cyberlove story coming up;)

After a year of e-mails, chatting, phoning, texting and what not else.. Living in despare and agony of being far away and daily craving for each other, resulting in phonebills from an other planet and falling asleep in bed with my computer, after long nights of chatting.. I was finally on my way over the pound, 21 hours travel, one stop in NYC, two long distance flights before hitting Arizona. Every second closer to my love.. As I was sitting on the plane, I was permeated by the feeling of it being the best descission ever:) I counted clouds, m&m's and tried to pass time.. I just couldn't get there fast enough! Butterflies in my stomack, twisting and twirling by the thought of soon being in the arms of the man that I loved. Crazy how you can fall in love with someone even though you never met in person.. Even having the feeling of missing each other, like we had been parted for a long time. Love works in mysterious ways.

I arrived Tucson airport in the dark, it felt like I had traveled through time and space to get there. Bevildered by the time difference, my butt aking from sitting hours in an airplane and sleepy zzzzzleepy.. But O so excited at the same time!! After a quick look in the mirror and brushing of teeth. I went down the escelator to meet my love, my heart was pounding as every clicketi-clack brought me closer.. He saw me first, I caught his eyes, I think time stopped for both of us. Somehow I got over to him, all while gazing into his green eyes. Amazed by how beautiful they were. I didn't even know they were green, I thought they were brown.. Hhaha So much for crappy photos. We hugged for the longest time. It felt so good to finally feel him, to be close to him and smell him. Being there together for real, be able to do normal stuff that normal couples do. Be able to have a date, that didn't consist of never ending chats, sitting on each our side of the earth. Be able to HAVE a date at all! It felt like I had found the last piece of the puzzle fell on place.. Finally home! We held hands and small talked all the way home. Like we had never been appart and it had allways been us. We had 3 weeks of fun and happiness. Sharing everything and getting even closer. It was waaaay too short! After the sweet scratch and so on... It took all my will power to get on that plane back. I cried when it took off, for every up and down and further away I got, and finally when it hit ground in Norway, half a globe away from the man that my heart belonged to!

3 1/2 miserable months of waiting, endless phonecalls, texting, chatting, pain, tears and more tears followed.. Before he FINALLY came to Norway, we had decided that it was no way we could live without each other! Sweet as he is he said he would move here, since it would be easier for him to move than for me and he would never ask me to do such a thing for him. He quit his job over the last 6 years and sold his belongings. Finally together again:D And this time hopefully for ever! That's before we understood it wasn't just that easy.. Getting a job and a visa wasn't done in a snap. Laws and regulations saying that he was more than welcome to work, but on the other hand NOOOO.. A laberint of a bureaucratic world from hell and endless paper work! He stayed 3 months on his tourist visa before we had to wave each other off for the second time. Even worse this time around, after spending every single moment of ever day together, as long a I wasn't working that was. We had to put an end to it. Every day appart, felt like one day too many...

28.2.2009, we got married in a Little White Wedding Chappel in Las Vegas:) We went there on holiday the first time I came to visit and we very much feel like it is "our" town, a very natural choice. Needless to say, we had the TIME of our lifes celebrating our love!!;) Only me and him. It was romantic, special, intimate and fun and all those things you want it to be! Our pastor was an old man with coca cola bottle bottom glasses and fish eyes. The real deal, no Elvis here.. He insisted on saying a praier for us even though we're not religious (maybe he thought we needed it;), and also give us a real Christian ceremony with talk of Jesus and God, but so be it. It made him happy. And I couldn't be happier! I was with my man and we would finally be able to be together. After the ceremony the pastor stuck an envelope in our hands saying: suggested tip, 50$ 80$ or 100$.. We were really surprised as no one had mentioned it and we thought we had paid for everything. Apparently not! (If you ever get married in Vegas, remember to have tip on you for the priest) We only had a visa card...:/ He looked quite desperate for a bit, before he concluded with that we had his address and that we could send it to him......... (Very Christian indeed). The limo driver on the other hand said that it didn't matter, as long as we got a long and happy life together, that was the main thing. Quite ironic you ask me.


A couple of months later my love moved to Norway for the second time. He came just a few days before our National Day this year and has stayed here all through summer and autumn up till now. We applied for a visa, filling out never ending aggravating forms and applications. Providing them with our story, lots of photos and gave them our life on a silver platter pretty much. They said it could take 5 months before we heard anything more... Last week we started to really worry since we hadn't heard anything more. My man was climbing the walls, not being able to work, being a housefather and in charge of the kitchen and all. I called in. Guess what?? WE GOT IT!!!:D Yes WE, not him, it feels like we.. We are going through this very much as a WE. And now WE got it!! Soooooooooooooo happy and relieved!!!!! Things are falling into place:) bestest Christmas present EVER!


  1. I'm glad it turned out well. I was starting to feel stressed out about half way through the story!

    You always think finding love is the hard part. But sometimes, the hard part is finding a way to be with your love :)

    Congrats and many blessings for the both of you!

  2. Thanks alot!;) Very true, who would have thought that would be the problem when you find the person that you wanna spend your life with..? I'm just so happy that it all worked out in the end! It was really stressful for a while, but SO worth it:) Now, finally we can enjoy the fruits of our patience! May love concur it all!!


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