Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hoot Hooooot...

Believe me, I would be the first one to understand why someone would want an owl of their very own.. But the thought of keeping these beautiful and majestic birds, trapped in little cages for selfish reasons, is just horrible and more cruel than I can put into words! They should be out there, flying free, hunting mice and whatever else an owl does.. Shame on you!! I'll keep my admiration on a distance and leave them to mother nature, where they belong and maybe buy myself an owl item or two;)

Here's a few owl items that I have collected in my favourites on Etsy over the last few months... Most of them is still available in the stores they're from:)



All items found on wonderful Etsy, listed from right: 1. New Moon Print 2. Owl Flask 3. Mary 5th Grade Altered Vintage Plate 4. Owl Cup 5. Great Horned Owl Mask 6. Pillow Fight Party Time Grocery Tote 7. Whoolie's Pink Valentine Fine Art Photo 8. Giant Barn Owl Keyring 9. Vintage Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers


  1. SV: Takk for gode ord! :)

    Ugler er nydelige, og om jeg skulle hatt fugl skulle jeg hatt en ugle, ravn eller en gammel gribb som var blitt adoptert fordi den på en eller annen måte ikke kan klare seg selv i naturen, og jeg kan gi den et godt liv.. Men det skjer nok ikke i nærmeste fremtid :-p Blir nok pus før den tid :)

  2. Santsant, enig med deg i den:) Det må være unntaket når det er greit å skaffe seg ugle!Ravner er også vakre!! Blir nok en liten hund her, og gjerne med en pus som kompis hvis det er opp til meg;)

  3. I had the opportunity to see a South American Condor up close when I was a child.
    In Brazil it had one leg and lived in a park in a city called Rio Grande. It's name was Joao Niguem that translates to John Nobody. They are enormous, but look like vultures.
    I used the translator on the above comments.
    Jeg hadde mulighet til å se en søramerikansk Condor på nært hold da jeg var barn.
    I Brasil hadde det ene benet og bodde i en park i en by som heter Rio Grande. Det er navn var Joao Niguem som oversetter til John Nobody. De er enorme, men ser ut som gribber.
    Does the translator work ok?
    I had a friend who had a wild Raven adopt her. She named it Edgar. Some people have all the luck!

  4. Hhahha that's very good, the transelator is working very well!! Keep it up and you'll write better norwegian than my husband in a while;) Great that you found a transelator, I understand it's kinda hard to keep up with the norwegian comments here.. But a transelator should make it easier!

    Wow, that is so cool!!:))) Can only imagine how big they really are, I think that even ravens a fairly big birds.. Must have been quite an experience! Your friend is so lucky, wish some raven would adopt me too.. Maybe I should bring some crumbs or silver to the park and see if I can't find a lonely raven to befriend;)


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