Monday, October 13, 2014

What to Wear

*Sigh* I've been struggling a bit, with my Halloween costume ideas this year. Not really a lack of ideas, rather the lack of enthusiasm. I had many ideas, but none that seemed right.. Usually I find out of my costumes quite early. Having time to plan it down to the small details, finding things online if I have to. I started to get nervous. What if I didn't find out of it in time. At this point, I can just forget about ordering costume props from abroad if I need to. As it take so long to get here. But you know what? I'm going to take up on my own advice. Go costume shopping in my own wardrobe.

I don't know if it was the horror and Halloween movies, I've been watching the last couple of days, that removed my creative block. Or just the idea that needed some time to form. It's an idea I've had for a while now.. The more I think about it, the better it feels. I went digging through some old clothes today and found some perfect garments, for putting a costume together. What I don't have, I'm quite positive I will be able to find in some shops down town. So excited now that my plan unfolds. Think it will be awsome! *Yay*

I can't reveal what it is right now, as some of my guests might read this post.. But I promise to get back to you good folks on it! All I can say, is that I'm inspired by an old photo of an historic person, that I stumbled over online.. Someone that I hadn't heard of before, that made an impression.

Also having costume trouble? Here's my advice..

  • Put your soft, romantic, cry movies away and watch som good, old, blood splatting horror movies. Start with your favourite Halloween movie, to get you in the mood. I always like to start with Trick'r Treat. It never fails!
  • What's the party theme? Try to think out of the box. Look through your wardrobe and old clothes that's stored away. Something there that you can use, maybe alter and make into a costume?
  • If you're crafty, get the needle and thread out. This way, you can make something unique, that no one else has on the party. Also much creepier than the costumes bought in any shop! Just look at the vintage costumes, they all look like serial killers..
  • Go to a thrift shop, they have lots of cheap clothes that can be made into an awsome costume.
  • Get ideas from the horror/Halloween movies you're watching.. They are full of great costume idas!
  • Do some research. Any historical person, someone that has actually lived that you can be? Preferably evil. Or victim of someone evil.
  • And what about our fairytales.. They are full of villains and psychopaths.
  • Finally; If you can't come up with ANY good ideas. Go as your dead self. It's Halloween people, it's supposed to be SCARY. Dead is good!


  1. One year in college, I got an invitation to a Halloween Costume Party. I still have no garment/costume skills, and I could not afford to purchase a costume or supplies.

    I looked through my closet for old clothes that I didn't really care about and collected the unpaired socks and the like form my "rag pile". With the help of a handful of safety pins, I went as a pile of dirty laundry.

    Turned out to be quite effective.

    Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper,
    Richard @

    1. Hahha what a great idea, really creative last moment costume!! Bet you got a lot of comments on that :) Just shows that you can get a long way, with you already got at home. And an expensive costume from the costume shop, isn't always the best option.. If ever lol. But I know, sometimes there can be supplies and items that's hard to find any other way. And the shops are great for that!


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