Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Year Wedding Anniversary..

One whole year since we walked up the floor at the Little White Wedding Chappel in Las Vegas, and sealed our sweet love with a kiss and a ring!!;)

One year allready, gone so fast, yet so much has happened. Most of the pieces of the puzzle has fallen into place when it comes to work and school for my love, and a life together here in Norway.

Mmmmm If we can just get an appartment at the appartment house we're trying to get into, I will howl of joy, run around in our 17 suare meter appartment and dance on the table like a crazy nut!;D haha

(So getting me ass of ma computer to celebrate)...


Las Vegas, city of sin, hope and rock'n'roll (photo by me)

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas (photo by me)

Elisabeth Taylor in the movie "Father Of The bride"

"Circus Ballerina" (photo by me)

"Father Of The Bride"

Las Vegas strip (photo by me)

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers in "Carefree"

View from the Eiffel Tower at the strip (photo by me)

Le cake;)

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on their wedding day

Las Vegas 28.2.2009


  1. Nydelig bilde av Marilyn. Gratulerer med ett års bryllupsdag! :)

  2. Fantastisk vakker som alltid;) Tusen takk!! Blir kastet puter på, tror det betyr "get off that compu.." ahaha


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