Monday, September 29, 2014

Catching up

Last week I checked into my blog again, after what seemed like forever. Reading through the old blog posts, it was like flipping the pages of an old diary. Places I've been, things we've done, our wee nest down town, parties, people, friends, thoughts and all the little things that I had forgotten.. Those good old times!

I saw that my last blog post was written at the end of December 2011 (holy Godzilla).. Just before New Years eve. I knew it was long since my last mutter, but didn't realize it was that long. Time flies and alot has happened since my last post. It's not that I didn't want to write, as I really appreciated the time with my blog. The hours oif the day, just didn't seem to quite measure up. What to say? Life happened and I got too busy.

Of everything that has happened the last couple of years, one of the most important and life changing things: we bought our first home! So excited still!! No more renting, studioapartments and living in small spaces and sudden increase in rent, that we had not forseen. Feeling like what you have, can be pulled away underneath you any day.

Our very own dream house, on the country side. Yes, my love managed to lure this forever hardcore asphalt girl, out on the countryside. You might wonder what happened.. But the choice was real easy. It was either a shoebox in town, for a ridiculous amount of money. Or space, space and more space. Nature and wonderful views. When we stumbled over this gem. With a barn, guest house (stabbur; small, quaint, traditional building, used for food storage in the old days), a green house, fruit trees, berry bushes and lots of space. We even got a tiny forest. In fact, much more than we ever dreamt of... Lets just say, I wasn't hard to convince. Life definitely has it's ups and downs. We all go through rough times, but I'd say that times like this, certainly makes up for it.

Roseland, our small patch of paradise..

A place to rest and watch the sunset. Working on a ring of various roses, around the old well in the garden.. Yes, we got a well.. Guess which movie we  instantly thought of when we saw it.

Our closest neighbours

Gorgeous sunset view, one evening this summer..

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