Friday, April 9, 2010

Sugarpowdered Fairytale Dolls for The Sweet Tooth;)

I found these sweet, lovely, handmade dolls at Etsy. Made by husband and wife, artists Dylan and Jo, stationed in Oregon. I love the delicate, dreamy colors, and the vintage and fairy tale like touch to them! They are all made one at the time and by order, and I'm sure with love and care;) They are available in their shop Cart Before The Horse at Etsy.

"My wife, Jo, is the designer, sculptor, and painter of our creations. I do the sewing, photography, and business end of things. I also make ridiculous videos for youtube featuring our art. Jo spent her early days wandering the barren desert of Arizona before moving to Orlando, Florida as a teenager. I grew up in Maitland, Florida and met Jo while working at a dollar movie theater with sticky floors and seats filled with talkative winos. Jo worked the concession stand and I ripped tickets, but mostly we just chain smoked with the manager out front. (We've since quit - smoking and that job.) Nineteen years later we find ourselves in Oregon with two incredible teenaged kids, a sheltie, and a homegrown art business. It doesn't get better than that." They say in an interview at Etsy.

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