Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Things I love - Sweet Friends Award

I received the Sweet Friends award from sweet Miss Margarita back in December! Thanks sweetie, it really made my day:) I realize I should have passed it on some time ago, but as other posts developed I simply forgot.

Miss Margarita modified the rules a bit, from passing it on to 10, to only 5. I think I'll stick with her version. Actually I took the liberty to rewrite the rules, naughty me. The Gods of Blog Awards will pobably come down on me with vengeance, but so be. I'm also very tempted to change the tumb nail of the award, but realize that's to go a bit far *sigh*..

Award rules: 
  • Post who gave you this award. 
  • State ten things you love.
  • Give this award to 6 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

 10 Things I love:

1. The sea

I've had a lifelong fascination and love for the sea.. Nothing makes me calmer and in one with myself, than the moments I sit by the big blue, listening to the calm sound of the waves rolling in. The splishing and splashing against obstacles in it's way, like the shore or a boat swaying from side to side with the movements of the waves..


2. Vintage

An obsession with everything vintage, has brought me many treasures big and small. I'll probably never stop searching for the finds that make my heart skip a beat, kiss my lucky star and that melts perfectly in with my other treasures!


3. My family & friends

Life would be meaningless without them! It's nothing I wouldn't do for the people I love, I'd walk through fire and hell for their sake...


4. Our summer place in South of Norway

The most peaceful place on earth... Where I retreat every summer, to just be. To find strength from the simple life and the nature around me. There's also many wonderful memories attached to this place, as I've spent a few weeks of my summers here, from my first years till now. No summer feels complete without a visit here.


5. My camera

I love capturing moments with my camera, the beauty of life and everything surrounding us.. A documentation and archive of memories, that comes to life everytime I'm looking through them.

Light The Way

6. Pinups

As mentioned before, I have a big soft spots for vintage pinups.. Pretty gals, gotta love'em;) I love their curves, inocent poses, sweet faces, style and most everything about them! I especially love Olivia's sexy paintings of Bettie Page and Gil Elvgrens's more inocent gals..


7. Halloween

All since my first Halloween, back in Canada when living there with my family as a kid. It has been one of my big passions here in life! It combines two of my favourite things; Horror and dressing out:) I don't think I'll ever get to old for it and I'll always stribe to make the most out of the spookiest night of the year!


8. Traveling

Nothing is like traveling and discovering new places and cultures. How much we have in common, though you might not see it at first glance. I think that the more you learn about people around the world, the more you discover within yourself..

Standing Tall

9. Crete

A beautiful greek island, in the Mediterranean sea.. Where I worked and lived for 5 years. It totally changed my life at the time and it would probably not have looked the same today if I never moved there. I learned a lot about life and people, it's all experiences that I wouldn't be without.


10. Las Vegas

Many things can be said about the city of sin.. But Las Vegas will always have a special place in my heart.. This is where I went on holiday with my love, when we first met and also where we got married a year later! I think I'll always have that inner longing for this city and the US, because of what it represents to me. To be able to relive those treasured moments and also to make some new ones..


I pass the award to:
  • Miss Lindy Lee -  Lovely Swedish gal, that sews her own dresses and with a passion for the 50's.
  • Ghoul Friday - Halloween lover and a great artist!
  • Torie Jayne - A beautiful interior blog, also she makes the sweetest cupcakes and cakes ever seen!
  • Little Rascal - Creative doll, loving the 50's and vintage finds from the time.
  • Dial V For Vintage - A world of wonderful vintage finds and tips.. If it doesn't fit, she'll make it fit:)


  1. Thank you so much for passing this award to me! :)

  2. Thanks, Bluezy!!:)

    You're more than welcome, Dial V for Vintage! Can't wait to see your 10;)

  3. Bare hyggelig ;)
    Fin-fin post, må si jeg er spesielt enig i det første punktet, hvorfor hadde ikke jeg dét med på min liste? :D

  4. Tusen takk!!:))) Ja, *sukk*.. Havet ER fantastisk! Typisk at man kommer på noe som burde vært med etterpå, kanskje det går an å lage en runde to med favoritter;)

  5. I've been on hiatus so I missed the post :) Thanks for the mention!

  6. You're welcome, much deserved!! No worries:)


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