Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darker Times Approaching..


I can feel my inner ghoul is scrambeling about and waking up, as the leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground... My favourite time of the year is finally here, dark and devious All Hallows Eve;)

As every year me and my man has been spending the last few weeks thinking out what and how, and finding the right props to set the scenes for our theme of the year. This year we will have a good, old fashion Carnival Freak Show going on in our tiny appartment. I think it will be a funny theme to do!

We are still throwing ideas and  thinkering out everything we'll need. I think we have some good ideas to scene setters and how to get that circus feel to the place. Some things has been bought and is on it's way over the pond from the US. Can't wait to get started, making props and to slowly getting it all up:) ahah

Till we get it all right and our small chattauw of darkness, once again rises from the dust.. Changing out "homy" and "cozy", to look more like a scene from a rather scary movie, or a bad dream of the kind that you really don't want to remember...

I don't know why I love it so much, but to me it could be a touch of Halloween all year, and that would be just perfect:) lol

Old circus photo

Old circus photo

Old circus photo

 (All phots found via Google)

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