Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Horror Home Deco;)

 Here's some more photos from the Cabinet Of Death:) Enjoy! Don't be afraid to ask if you have any qustions on where to get the stuff or how to make it. Also if you have any tips or ideas of your own, feel free to share!

Hmmm I just realized that I haven't added any photo of the mini giljotin yet... It will come, together with photos of the giljotined guy outside;) ahha

Much love, Devilla <3


Our spooky, little trick 'r treater ghoul, Sam.. Be sure to have the treat!;)

Head in chains, greeting guests as they arrive..

Home made wind chime.. Incredible how much fun you can get out of a bag of bones;) ahha

"Chop Shop" and chains..

My scull lantern, love it:)

Finger fries, fresh chopped from the chop shop;)

Pasta anyone?

He put his hat on, but he stayed..

Homy deco for the desk..

Horrifying family photos and sculls in flickering candle lights..

Creepy snakes in an old medicine bottle

My yummi Spider muffins

Bloody heart on a plate with chips..

Spooky bookshelf with dodgy looking bottles.. We used the lovely labels that we found at Love Manor.

Some details from the bookshelf

Mice trapped in a jar

Bones, mice and poison bottles..

Very dark, but hopefully you get the feeling..;)
(Vampire Blood in a wine bottle Zombie Virus on a beer bottle and Swamp Fog in the big, round one.. Bugs, spiders and a photo of a skeleton with a babe in the background).


  1. GORGEOUS set up! My goodness. LOVE the simple elegance of the skulls in the white container. It would be an honour to come for drinks and dreadful dinner at your house :)

  2. Thanks alot!:) I really have fun while doing this, hopefully it shows. I love putting things together, making it harmonize and creating small universes.. You'r more than welcome for a dreadful evening soiree among the grusome effects if you ever happend to be in Oslo;)


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