Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun & Fun!!

Me and my love will be leaving the cold north, for two weeks of wonderful sun and fun on Crete!! The next two weeks you'll find me relaxing on a sunbed in the shade, or touring the island with my man. We'll be staying at the exact same place where I spent 5 whole years living the greek life, with my greek ex!

Seems like a whole lifetime since and in many ways it is.. But I still remember the language, which usually comes in handy. I'm still pretty much in love with the island, but hate how it slowly gets destroyed by tourism.. I know it's a big part of their livelyhood, but I can't help feeling that they should keep some of the old charm! After all, part from Knossos and ancient cities, that's one of the reasons why people wanted to travel there in the first place..

We made a trip down there last year, but wasn't able to rent a car since my love was still waiting for his norwegian drivers license. Something we'll definitely be doing this year. I'm so looking forward to show him some more of the beautiful island and culture! I'm planning to take him a bit off the beaten tourist track and show him some of the authentic island life;)

The last couple of weeks has been quite rainy, on and off here in Oslo. Where at times it feels like someone has cut a rain cloud open, right over our heads. Poring all of the water out! Longing for some sand between my toes and beer on the beach, in the sunset!!















  1. Have a great vacation. Great pics.

  2. Thanks, Bluezy!!:) Better late, than never. Had some problems with the comment thingy here before I left, but finally fixed the problem! We had a lovely time in Greece:) I'll be posting some photos of our time there, as soon as I get things going here!


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