Monday, December 7, 2009

Mooohahah And a Very Scarrrrry Merry Christmas to Ya'll!!;D

I've not been able to write for days now, a week maybe.. Christmas has arrived with all sorts of Christmas preparations, arrangements and soscialization... Jolly jolly happy! Christmas table at work (with a splendid after party that lasted all morning, with strangers met in the dark of the night), beer fiest the day after (doing a rare double night, because a promise I made to my man. Never back out of a promise) and a totally new position at work together with my old one has kept me awfully busybusy all week!!:S

I also had my hand read on my way between the Christmas table to more beer out. A random meeting at a road cross down town. A gentleman asked for the time. Turned out he reads energies and hands for a living. That's when I popped out my hand. Peculiar experience, scary how much one can read out of a hand...

I've made a scaresome lil' package of frightful art for you that I found while working late this eve, since we're closing in on the jolly season... Be very aware of the Christmas ghouls;)

Bloody gifts this year.. Merry Christmas by DarkRedRose.

This is so sweeeeet,  I love the decorated tombstone;) Merry Scary Christmas by Platinium420.

Something tells me Christmas won't be the same this year.. Christmas Is Ours by Van Heist.

Love the colors and the silouettes.. Merry Christmas To All by My Twisted Logic.

Very devious, indeed... Welcoming Christmas carolers. Messy Christmas, wallpaper by Dianar87.

Silent night..? My Bloody Christmas by Rotten Orange.

Who can resist this guy?;) By Azkaban.

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