Monday, April 25, 2011

Burlesque Hairdo'

Lucky me got my hair styled for my Burlesque Birthday, by lovely Miss E! She's just finished the Adam & Eva hairdressers school and in need of hairmodels, a real win-win situation for both of us. She offered to do my hair burlesque style for the show the same evening, so said so done!

I spent all day on my birthday in the hairdresser chair. Chatting away with Miss E and the girls, reading magazines and drinking coffee. All while getting my hair cut, colored and beautifully styled at the end. As you can see by the photos, it was all held together with a hairnet and a thousand hairpins, at least. I think it turned out really lovely and was absolutely thrilled to have my hair done by someone! I love the old style to it and the hairnet:)

It was a really nice and relaxing way to spend my day, getting pampered and all. A real treat! Not every day I go get my hair styled by someone.. More like never! Haha Might be more often now, as Miss E needs to practice;)

I felt like a real diva on the tram, all the way back home! With my handmade, little black and white birdie fascinator, from my Birds Nest collection peeking out on the side. Looks rather comfortable up there, doesn't he? lol







  1. Oh your hair is so beautiful! I wish I could do that too :).

  2. My mom used to always wrap her hair back in her younger days. I forget what they called it, not a bun but it wrapped into a line in the back and was so elegant.
    You girls look really pretty and happy!

  3. Superfin frisyre og flinke frisørdamer altså :D

  4. Thanks you guys!!:)))

    V: I just wish I was able to do this myself! But getting "experimented on" isn't too bad either;) I recommend!!

    Bluezy: Bet she looked wonderful! So many nice hairdos from that time that I'd like to try:) I think the ladies looked amazing back then..

    Miss Margarita: Kjempeflink!! Dette er jo et hot tips hvis du er lysten på en snasen oppsetting:)

  5. Lenge siden jeg har poppa innom deg, så fin du ble! :D
    Ha en flott lørdag :)

  6. Koselig at du titter innom!!;) Tusen takk, synes det ble veldig bra selv også! Fantastisk å bli stylet og fikset på før en fest, føler det er noe jeg må gjøre igjen.. Fortsatt en super helg til deg (det som er igjen av den;)!!


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