Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Queen of Rockabilly

Here's a wonderful piece of rock'n'roll history for you guys! With the song Fujiyama Mama, from the rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. Isn't she just the best, I love the sound of her voice! It's so raw and powerful!! Just what I need today, after a long day at work and still going on;)

Tell me about your favourite artist, or maybe a favourite tune from the old days?


  1. My folks were older by the time I came along and Dad used to play drums in a Big Band when he was younger, so I grew up listening to that music.

    As a kid, I thought it was "old man music" lollll) but now, I love it!

    Here is my fav: Sing Sing Sing

  2. That truly is a great one, love it:)

    Hahha know what you mean, didn't pay much attention to this kind of music before I was in my late teens:) No parents in any band, but they would play it at home and they still do.. I always wanted to play drums, it would be awsoem to learn. Since I was very little, I had a passion for the drums and base.. lol


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