Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy lil' Bee

I've been a real busy lil' bee here lately!! I have a week off from work, due to the easter holidays. And a couple of extra days that was needed, to be able to get my creations ready for the shop. I've been working on the gift wrapping and have pretty much ordered most everything I need, just a few small details that I need to work out.

I'm looking at making some stamps for the labels and business cards. And not the least, a tagline I can put underneath my brand name, Devious Darlins'. I think I'm getting close to something. Problem is that I have more than one that I like! Hahah I know, luxury problem.. I'll be showing it to you guys when I got it all together:)

Since last, I've also got myself a .com, .no, a few pointers and registered the company! *Excited* It's hard to think of anything else and ideas is buzzing around in my head from I wake up, till I go to bed.. And the mountain of post-it notes with reminders to myself keeps growing.

I'll be doing a contest/giveaway pretty soon, with one of my creations as the grand prize!! Make sure you pop in to join that;)

A few new creations.. Go to Devious Darlins' facebook page for more!




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