Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Haunted Portraits

More dark art, for the mansion.. This time from Gorey Details. I'd love to have one of their haunted portraits, for our stairway. The portraits look like vintage photographs, of people long gone. An old aunt, uncle or your grandma's cousin. The portrait changes as you pass it, into a bit on the morbide side.. It would be a perfect addition, to all our odds and whimsicals on the wall. Blended in with our own family photos. Preferably one of the smaller sizes, so you have to look closer to believe what you see..

If you don't care much for darker stuff the rest of the year, take them out for Halloween. They would be a great prop for any haunted house. Give your guests the chills, as they pass by your seemingly normal portraits of long gone ancestors.

Here's some of my haunted favourites!


  1. love those - I own Uncle Bernie myself

    1. Lucky you ;) Do you keep it up all year, or is it strictly for Halloween? They all look so cool, I'd love to have one. Maybe if I'm able to make up my mind which one.. :)


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